This blog took a lot of thinking, prayers and guts.  I have been writing and sharing my thoughts to my closests for quite some time now, but, I have been fidgety on the idea of blurting my feelings and views to the public through writing. I am just a bit anxious that I will be judged first as an English teacher than as a woman pouring her heart out. 

However, this whole wedding-marriage planning made me see, feel and do cartwheels so I can’t help but share! I need to spread it around, or else, sasabog ako :p…  So, just like our approaching wedding, I am taking a leap of faith -- I will blog! :) 

I really and uberly  hope that my insights, questions and experiences on relationships et al will stimulate your mind and heart. Just like to me, may my journey inspire and bless you.  

I can’t believe I am finally (and happily) doing this.