**originally written last March 2012 

Yesterday was fun.  Although it turned out to be a typical “Sun-date”, our conversations on wedding and marriage over cake and coffee were lighter and bubblier.  One thing we realized  was that, our “No’s” are now “Yes’s” and vice-versa. So yup, the all day teasing about our indecisive minds were also present. 

One thing I like about Bryan is his sense of humor and ability to laugh on tough situations.  Being a girl who gets to be a real worrier at times, it is good to know that at the end of the day, there is someone you can sit down, talk and giggle with. I remember the times when I would be awaken by my parents’ laughter in the morning.  This use to irritate me (especially during adolescence stage), but now, it inspires and excites me that mornings and meals with my future husband won’t be boring at all. 

Ate April (my cousin who is at the US now) was so correct.  During my college years, she once told me that what she likes about her husband for years now is his sense of humor.  She said too, that romance will “fade away” but wavelength, friendship and conversations will not.  So right!  It feels good to have a kakwentuhan.  Another wishful thinking that came true!

If God allows, 10 months to go, and I will be Mrs. Sadorra.  It seems to be so far-flung but since we need to do something big every month, the countdown to marriage life is a leap away.  This is particularly true because we have gotten and ordered a few of our must-haves (Bible and rings).  Haaaay, can’t wait. 

And as this “blog –count-down” continues, I will wait and be thankful.  I can’t wait to see more confirmations from God and from the people who love us both. Lord, bring it on! :)