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They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I say, it also takes a community to get things done.  Agree with me?

We all have that one achievable goal that we keep on running into every start of the year.  It may be a hobby, weight loss, a business, a venture, a travel destination, a savings account, etc.  It may vary from every person but one thing I know is that we need people, or shall I say an outsider to help us finally tick it off.

This is why we have been so excited to let you know that for 1,200, you can sit down with other dreamers and listen from a life coach.  Oh the joy of achieving your goals.

This two hour workshop wants you to get that goal and have a community cheer you on!  With a world of bashers (this is so sad), I am sure it would be nice to be surrounded with positive people. Tara na!  It would be worth it, I promise!  Plus, we all get to work on a VISION BOARD :)  This will surely keep us focused and motivated in he months we get off the track.

Yes, I know you would love to register now.!! Just click THIS


1.  DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!  -  Happiness should not be the end goal of a person.  At times, we have to do what is right and that may mean not being happy about it. Since we are not the center of the universe, we cannot ONLY decide based on what makes us happy.  A mature and a sensitive individual should consider the people and situations around him. Aside from this, "happiness" based on this usual advice may not be long term so be very careful in finding what makes you smile.  At the end of the day, this may not be the most important.

2.  BASTA WALA KANG NAAPAKAN NA TAO, OK LANG YAN - This may be half true, because aside from people, there are rules, cultures and God that we have to consider.  To add, the younger generation (e.g may be your younger sibling, daughter or son, nieces, etc) who are watching you.  We have to think about them too because we need to be examples in speech and act to these young minds.  This means, we have to do a "heart check" every now and then.  Yes, we may not be stepping on other people but we may be hurting Jesus.

3.  LET GO AND LET GOD - I remember a visiting Pastor in CCF Muntinlupa who mentioned that this may not be Biblical.  We do not just "let go" and let God.  We also have to do our part.  For example, if we are sick, we can't just say "Lord, ikaw na po bahala"...We have to work on it too by praying steps to take to handle a particular illness, seeking experts, and making sure God is glorified in all this circumstances.  We do not slumber as we wait on God, therefore, we can't just let go and let God.  Again, we have to do our part.

4. I/YOU DESERVE IT! - When it comes to handling money and doing shopping, this has become my mantra when I was single!  You know what? In many cases, I do not deserve it! haha Why? because I have bills to pay, other needs to buy and savings to grow.  So just keep in mind, that though we have been working so hard, we still do not deserve SOME things.  Ingat lang on impulsive buying and the voice that whispers "You, deserve it"

5. GO LANG NG GO!! - This we can't do.  We need to rest, figure out our next steps and consciously trace back our steps so we can do better next time.  Let us not be too lazy to think.  Consult people.  Join a loving community.  In business, love life, career, family, having kids, we can't "go lang ng go".  Think. Pray. Pray. Pray.