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I sometimes wish I could let go of people easily. In many times, I find myself chasing people and friendships. I am a people person. I always choose the relationship than whatever is happening between us. Ewan ko ba, but it is just really difficult for me to be distant or make tampo.  I always see myself understanding the person.

The situation I am in is sometimes tiring (some people call it stupid). It is like allowing myself to get hurt over and over again - sometimes by the same people. It also means choosing to fully believe people when they say "sorry", "promise", next time,  etc.

When the image and thought below circulated on the Internet, my mind wanted to repost it, however, I knew that my heart says the opposite.

Let me also recount a quote a week ago which says that a person should not be chasing friends and true love.  I believe this is true, however at the end of the day, I feel like there are some relationships that need chasing and saving.  I do not know about you, but for me, the relationships that I have matters (or maybe some don't) and I just can't let them go down the drain.  Just too difficult.

image not mine
I do not know if this is good or bad.  I sometimes feel gullible and "stupid" for trying to fix things.  I just really pray that this would be used for His glory.  Maybe I should consider it a gift? I do not know.  My heart will just always say that I have patience for you, and you, and you.


**originally written last October 2012

Two months to go. 

I can’t believe I just typed that.  Let me do that again.  Two months to go.

Weddings and marriage are very real and tangible for us at this point.  Since this is my blog (wala kayong  magagawa :P), allow me to enumerate the top 9 details we have ticked-off our list:

  1. We saw our secondary sponsors in their gowns– I love how our mananahi (blog on our suppliers soon) was able to execute the dresses. My OC Maid-Of-Honor loved it so I guess it is a really good sign na maganda ung dress. Plus, I am happy with the motif we chose.  The dress does not appear to be “pang-abay”, pwede ulit gamitin on a party! J

  1. compiled our wedding playlist – Thanks to Ivy for downloading the songs.  I am happy with our playlist.  We have church, OPM, Broadway, classic and acoustic songs --  in different timelines.

  1. bought and wore our wedding shoes – This was fun! Nag mall tour kami for my shoes while Bryan’s was bought in 10 minutes.  For my shoes, after visiting malls and outlet shops from Sta Rosa to QC, we ended up buying at Alabang Town Center!hahahaha  WAIT, do not judge me yet.  We had to consider a lot of things naman kasi.  We looked into the color (tan, champagne and or white only), the heel height (2 inches max), price, appearance and the “waaaahhhh” factor.  Girls can relate to this! Tama ba?! J

  1. I (we) edited and released our invites - I remember making wedding invites in high school.  I was the bride and my high school crush was the groom.  I had my cousins (mother side) as my entourage.  My best friend Regie whom I watched basketball with (big clue on who my crush was!! hahahaha) was my Maid-of-Honor.  This was fun and I am sure the invite we made ages ago is in one of my boxes.  Lemme try to find that one.  ANYWAY, we are done with our invites.  We are hoping to see and distribute it on the last week of October. J

  1. Bry tried on his suit – the suit that was almost caught in the Tutuban fire!  It was already the second day of the fire in Tutuban when I learned about this news.  In the beginning, I was not sure if our supplier was really in Tutuban or Divisoria mall so I had to call Bryan about it.  AND YES, it was a mananahi from Tutuban.  OH NO!! We decided not to call our supplier up until 1 week after the fire (baka lalong ma stress).  Good thing, his suit is safe.  He actually has it now.  He tries it on once  a week!  EXCITED MUCH DIBA??? Tinalo pa ako!!!hahahahaha

  1. I have fitted my gown –I decided to do something alone for the wedding and this was the result of it.  I went to ate mananahi and wore my unfinished beauty.  Tears fell from here.

  1. Posed for our pre-nup pics – This was awesome.  Awesome number 1 are our photographers, the Catilo sweethearts. Awesome number 2 are the places where we had our picture taken – Le Petit Cheri’ and Daang Hari.  Awesome number 3 would have to be us!! – This is the closest we have been with.  Nagsawa kami sa face pores ng bawat isa!haha   Anyway, what I like about our pre-nup is it came out just how we want it to be -- natural (no make –up for me), candid (we were not pose at all), and us.

  1. wedding rings worn – My engagement ring will not be lonely anymore.  May katabi na sya! J

  1. Talked about on our 5 year goal – Our sessions with the endearing Velardos helped us to discuss things in the right perspective and timing.  We sat down and talked about our plans and the possibilities in the next 5 years.  The talked included future studies (I think we will study all our lives; which I love J), family planning, travels, dream home (and address), etc.  It is just so pleasant to do everything is prayer.  Big dreams start with wishful thinkings.  Praise God because He is the giver of both!



**originally written last June 2012

Where did December to June go? 6 months flew really fast.  Good thing my reliable planner is here to remind me that 6 months really happened and I (we) am (are) now facing the last 2 quarters of wedding/ marriage planning. 

In 6 months, I will be walking down the aisle and marry the man that God prepared for me.  Arrrggghhh, ang lapit na!!   I remember weeks ago, in one of our random talks, we found ourselves saying that we can’t put our feelings in a single picture.  It is a bit of everything!  It is a fragment of happiness, of excitement, of worry, of curiosity, of madness, of jitters, of happy tears ,et al.  This makes me really say “wwwaaahhhhhhh 6 months !!!”

Of course, in the middle of this emotional roller coaster, we are also caught between our wedding planning and marriage counseling.  What a joy that this is all happening on the days we know that we have 6 months to be extra prepared.  This is so true especially with our 10 counseling sessions with the Velardo(s).  Our talks with them are making us nearer to God and to each other.  I am totally recommending counseling for couples who are getting married. Couples should remember that marriage is more important than a wedding.  So, aside from wedding planning, dapat mas bongga ang marriage planning!   This brings me to the thought that a wedding will only happen for four hours, but the marriage is for a lifetime.  So choose marriage, not weddings.  

 “Lord, thank you for your time which I know is perfect from the very beginning.  Thank you for the last 6 months of preparations.  May You continue to guide us and prepare us as we strive to be the best wife and husband for each other.  Empower us and remind us that we can do this not with our own might but only by Your spirit….Amen”  

The pics below are the families that always pray for us and with us. 
 Thank God for your lives.

our marriage counselors + ninang and ninong + mentors = velardo family


Today I am 31.  I can’t help but be amused on how God made this year wonderfully memorable and incredibly enjoyable.  

When I was much younger, I wondered where I would be at this age.  I think being 30 years old compels people to be at something, to be at a certain level.  It may be in one’s career, love life, savings in the bank, accomplishments, etc.  So, when it was 3 years before I turned 30, I was a bit squeamish because I felt that I did not have anything big yet.  I didn’t have a passbook I can be proud of.  No title on my name.  No relationship that would lead to marriage.  Nothing.  That is why when God turned my life around months before I turned 30, I was just so thankful.  I am something at 30.  I am happily engaged at 30. Wuhoo.

The second gift that God gave me this year was the restoration of friendship I had with 2 ladies.   We were distant for 2 years. Though our first meet up was awkward, our next try was flawless.  Thank God for burgers, cheesecakes and cups of coffee,  we (finally) found ourselves seated on a dining table sharing stories, and mentioning kept hurts in a very light and bubbly manner.  Our supposedly lunch together ended at almost midnight.  Definitely, not friendship over for us.  Yehey.

An added surprise was my survival in an engineering, procurement and construction firm.  Yup, you got that right.  Because of a need and priority basis, I decided to change career.  I remember my first week wherein I did not understand anything at all.  Nakakaiyak.  Plus, I am not used to not know what to do.  Dobleng nakakaiyak.  The job itself, terms, working habit, culture, people, jargons, and lingo were ALL new and dull (perspective of a Theater grad and a Literature teacher).  I usually sulk up my thoughts and fear then try harder. Good thing, I had good supports from the people around me and projects I was deployed in. They made me knowledgeable and confident in what I do.  It is still difficult at times and everyday is still a learning process, but I feel more capable.  I am not that dumb at what I do anymore.  So yes, I am still a Literature teacher in an Engineer’s world.  

Another Bryan related blessing was the Pamamanhikan (it went really well) and our relationship that is blossoming in God’s path.  Everyday is an assurance of His faithfulness in our individual lives and in our togetherness.  Though there are little discussions and arguments along the way, we are secured in our commitment, love and God’s grace.  

One thing more that makes me in awe were the changes and adjustments I handled all at the same time.  We moved in to our new home, closest church friends left Pinas for good, new job, wedding/marriage planning, went back to Masters, etc.  OH MY! Sabay-sabay silang lahat!  Looking back, I do not know how I was able to cope, but I think I did prett well.  I still miss my friends, our old home, and my teaching life (I do not miss being single at all -- haha) BUT since I know God and I know He wants me to be at my best, I couldn’t and wouldn’t complain.  Changes are blessings.

I am 31. When I was 9 and Mama was 31, feeling ko ang tanda tanda nya na!  haha Me? I do not feel old at all.   I am still young.  I am ONLY 31.   IT IS AWESOME TO BE 31! Try nyo! :)

Fluor Philippines Famiy


church friends last get-together

cheesecakes that witnessed it al