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Bryan, I and Risen caught a tummy bug during our recent trip to Paoay. We were there for a week and we all came down with upset tummy and fever for Bryan.  It was not a good way to end our trip, but we were still grateful because we were able to ride the plane without any "pasabog" ;)

Before I share my tips, let me first show you some of the oil that we put in our tummeehhh!


1.  Stick  as close as possible to what your usual diet is - We do not eat pork and we seldom have fried dishes at home.  We should have avoided fat in Ilocos.  I know the Bagnet, longganisa and lechon sound so appetizing, however, since out tummies are not used to too much oil every meal, it went back on us.

2.  Explore food carefully - This is for food adventurers like me.  Make sure that you are "full" before eating dishes like Kilawin, Pinapaitan, etc.  Also eat these types hours before sleeping time for digesting, allergy monitoring and safety purposes.

3.  Monitor water intake - When you are on the road, it is very easy to forget drinking water.  I discourage sodas and sugary juices.  Water is still the best.

4.  "Skip" eating - Rest your jaw :)  Skip in between main meals.  If still full, eat light dinner, or skip it.

5.  Do not believe the idea that "Kain lang.  Bakasyon nga eh" ("Just eat -- that is why you are on vacation") 

I know it is "hard" to be healthy on holidays, but trust me, it is more difficult to get sick during these days.  When you are in your healthiest, you can enjoy your family time more.  It is okay to "eat" just be mindful of what your choices will be.

The Practical Ways of Staying in Shape

I may not be in the perfect shape, but I think I have done a great job coz I still buy clothes in medium sizes!! Woohoo!!.  Though I have my genes (both Ruiz and Dimanlig have medium built) to thank, I say I still do my part.  If I do not watch my body, there is a very big possibilty that I would not be able to maintain my desired size. Want some help? Here!

1.  Do not buy a bigger size of clothes.  Stay on your size.  Make it fit!

2. You can eat what you want for breakfast.  If you are tempted to eat a lot during late lunch or dinner , freeze it then eat it in the morning! 

3.  Make people accountable.  Annouce that you are on a diet.

4.  If you are in-charge of the grocery shopping, buy healthy food.

5.  Have a cheat day.  It is okay to eat.  But remember, it should only be a cheat day, not a sheat week!!

6.  If possible, arrange dates or eat outs during lunch.  This will still give you time to burn what you munched.

7.  Exercise at least 10 minutes a day.  I know most of you would want to lose weight without sweating but this is kind of impossible especially when you have reached your 30s.  So come on, just do jumping jacks, planks, and sit-ups.


I looooove Chicken skin.  I even deep fry chicken necks and eat it like popcorn.  YUM.  Every time I do this, Mama looks at me with doubtful eyes, with the words “Hay, naku, taba.  Not good".  Apparently,  I do not get fat (thanks to my genes), so I do not feel guilty when I eat oily food.  If I do not do the cooking, I would ask Mama not to remove the skin,  but she would give a very strong “No” then put the fat straight to the garbage bin.  When she does this, I would teasingly walk out on her and say that her cooking would not be that tasteful anymore.  I never understood why Mama removes the chicken skin, up until Bryan’s blood pressure went up.  

One Saturday, a friend from Adamson invited us for a birthday dinner.  Sisig and Fried garlic chicken were the main course – sarap! We ate all we can. And since it was a pretty long celebration on a round table, we did not really notice how much we have been eating.    The feasting did not stop there because the next day, we met up with my Balikbayan friends for lunch and dinner.  We had lechon, Sisig, Crispy Pata and Kare Kare - the yummiest and oiliest Pinoy dishes.  And yes, you would have guessed what happened.  The next day, on a Monday, at Adamson, Bry had to go to the clinic and take medication. 

I felt responsible for what had happened to him.  I should have monitored our food intake.  Ganun pala yun.  That is why wives and mothers are careful on what they place on the table because they are “accountable” if anything happens to their husbands and kiddos.  I was so guilty that time.  Sabi ko nga, if the reason for my extra days at Adamson (I resigned that week) was for me to realize and feel  the weight of this responsibility, the wait was so worth it.  Lesson learned.  I will now prepare healthy dishes because there was that twitch in my heart when Bryan got ill.  Worse, I knew I could have prevented it.

So yes.  Just like Mama,  I would do the same.  The chicken skin would go directly to the garbage bin.  

Anyway, here is a peek of what we ate that day.  Dishes are all from Little Quiapo which were all sumptuous by the way!  ...kaya nga napadami eh! :D