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I have heard myself twice last week saying how contented and happy I was with my (general) life. That I am good.  That I am in the season of my life where I am fine.  The first time I mentioned this was during our D-group with other ministry heads and second one was during our usual "kamustahan" with the Velardos.

I am thankful that God sends people who ask the hard and needed questions.  Once in a while, it is good to ponder upon "kamusta ako?" (How am I?).

After saying that I am "good" twice, I had to ask myself silently if "being this content" is fine. This pondering led to other questions  like "Have I stopped dreaming?",  "Have I stopped caring?", "Have I become agnostic to the people and things around me?".  However after prayerfully thinking about it, I realized that instead to over thinking, I should be thankful because as of now (I do not know how long this will last), because of God's grace, I am good with my life.

Maybe it goes with outlook, maybe with age.  Maybe with time.  I do not know.  However, it feels good to be good.  It feels great to live one day at a time (still a struggle) and let God arrange the unknown tomorrow.  

As of today, now that I am typing this, I am good.  How about you? How are you?


I did not expect my heart would be this full, happy and sentimental after we hosted missionary friends for late dinner and breakfast last Jan 8.It was definitely a dream come true!!

When I was younger, for a number of times, I visited a family in Baguio. During my stay there, I did not do anything "pang turista", instead I would just stay at their home, enjoy the Baguio weather and be excited for breakfast. Ate Dot makes the best pancakes (from scratch) and Kuya Erickson brews coffee upon request - so menu pa lang, winner na!

Moreover, what struck me most in this Baguio stay was the gift of family. I saw a happy marriage.  I witnessed 2 boys who were well behaved and tantrum free. I experienced a real home. And every time our breakfast would end, I knew I wanted something like this when I get married.

And you know what? It all happened this morning. I and Bry prepared breakfast, brewed coffee and made real conversations. When our missionary friends left, it just dawned on me that God really gives our hearts desire when we honor him. This was what I wanted and He gave it. 

To you k. Erickson, a. Dot, Zeik and Jahd, thank you for welcoming me in your Baguio home. I had the best memories and countless blessings because you showed me family.  I will be forever indebted to you. Praise God for your lives.