**originally written last October 2012

Two months to go. 

I can’t believe I just typed that.  Let me do that again.  Two months to go.

Weddings and marriage are very real and tangible for us at this point.  Since this is my blog (wala kayong  magagawa :P), allow me to enumerate the top 9 details we have ticked-off our list:

  1. We saw our secondary sponsors in their gowns– I love how our mananahi (blog on our suppliers soon) was able to execute the dresses. My OC Maid-Of-Honor loved it so I guess it is a really good sign na maganda ung dress. Plus, I am happy with the motif we chose.  The dress does not appear to be “pang-abay”, pwede ulit gamitin on a party! J

  1. compiled our wedding playlist – Thanks to Ivy for downloading the songs.  I am happy with our playlist.  We have church, OPM, Broadway, classic and acoustic songs --  in different timelines.

  1. bought and wore our wedding shoes – This was fun! Nag mall tour kami for my shoes while Bryan’s was bought in 10 minutes.  For my shoes, after visiting malls and outlet shops from Sta Rosa to QC, we ended up buying at Alabang Town Center!hahahaha  WAIT, do not judge me yet.  We had to consider a lot of things naman kasi.  We looked into the color (tan, champagne and or white only), the heel height (2 inches max), price, appearance and the “waaaahhhh” factor.  Girls can relate to this! Tama ba?! J

  1. I (we) edited and released our invites - I remember making wedding invites in high school.  I was the bride and my high school crush was the groom.  I had my cousins (mother side) as my entourage.  My best friend Regie whom I watched basketball with (big clue on who my crush was!! hahahaha) was my Maid-of-Honor.  This was fun and I am sure the invite we made ages ago is in one of my boxes.  Lemme try to find that one.  ANYWAY, we are done with our invites.  We are hoping to see and distribute it on the last week of October. J

  1. Bry tried on his suit – the suit that was almost caught in the Tutuban fire!  It was already the second day of the fire in Tutuban when I learned about this news.  In the beginning, I was not sure if our supplier was really in Tutuban or Divisoria mall so I had to call Bryan about it.  AND YES, it was a mananahi from Tutuban.  OH NO!! We decided not to call our supplier up until 1 week after the fire (baka lalong ma stress).  Good thing, his suit is safe.  He actually has it now.  He tries it on once  a week!  EXCITED MUCH DIBA??? Tinalo pa ako!!!hahahahaha

  1. I have fitted my gown –I decided to do something alone for the wedding and this was the result of it.  I went to ate mananahi and wore my unfinished beauty.  Tears fell from here.

  1. Posed for our pre-nup pics – This was awesome.  Awesome number 1 are our photographers, the Catilo sweethearts. Awesome number 2 are the places where we had our picture taken – Le Petit Cheri’ and Daang Hari.  Awesome number 3 would have to be us!! – This is the closest we have been with.  Nagsawa kami sa face pores ng bawat isa!haha   Anyway, what I like about our pre-nup is it came out just how we want it to be -- natural (no make –up for me), candid (we were not pose at all), and us.

  1. wedding rings worn – My engagement ring will not be lonely anymore.  May katabi na sya! J

  1. Talked about on our 5 year goal – Our sessions with the endearing Velardos helped us to discuss things in the right perspective and timing.  We sat down and talked about our plans and the possibilities in the next 5 years.  The talked included future studies (I think we will study all our lives; which I love J), family planning, travels, dream home (and address), etc.  It is just so pleasant to do everything is prayer.  Big dreams start with wishful thinkings.  Praise God because He is the giver of both!



**originally written last September 2012

Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”.

On our first official date, he asked me to bring my Bible.  I was like ”eeeerrrrr….ok”.  I mean, I have a Bible and I bring it with me BUT not on a date.  And besides, I have never met a man who asked me to bring a Bible on a casual meeting.   Anyway, so be it, I brought one. 

After finding a spot in Calaruega where we can comfortably sit, he asked me to share my fave verse and so I mentioned Jeremiah 33:3.  He shared his fave next.  We talked about it and discovered two things:  his Bible is King James and mine is NIV (do the thinking!haha)  second was our peg on our “spirituality”.

The man who asked me to discuss Jeremiah33:3 is the man I will marry three months from now.  I am still uneasy of a lot of things a married girl should do or be like so I try to always remind myself that God will tell me things I do not know – from the smallest to the most intricate  - God will let me know.

Three months.  12 weeks.

Yes, I am pressured.  Sometimes, stressed.  Most of the times, wondering.  Paano kaya? How will it be like to be married to Bryan?  How drastic will my routine change? Could I actually manage a home and a husband?  How will we be when we are in the same roof?

These are my thoughts as I put myself to sleep.  When still troubled, I recite Jeremiah 33:3 in my head.  God will tell me what to do.  He will direct me.  He has been helpful and He will persistently be.  


** originally written last August 2012

I just want to get it over with!!!

We have been wedding planning for almost a year now and I feel that is a bit long for two people who have been together for over a year and 5 months (only).  So yes, again, as o f 8:48  am,  I want to get married NOW. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I have been enjoying and learning from all these thinking, discussions, meet-ups, budgeting, and decision making with our suppliers and Bryan (hence, this blog is here) but I am just really thrilled to see everything happen in one day.  Ano kayang mangyayari on God’s big day? Hhhhmmmmm …Which brings me back to the idea of “unfairness” – imagine? We have been planning this for a year, tapos 4 hours lang mangyayari? There goes the money (too)!! :P

Let me further strengthen this sentiment because it is not only I that feels this, Bryan too!  Atleast, I am not the only one who wants to be wedded - the feeling is mutual! Haha

Hay.  16 more Sundays.  Next month is a –BER month already thus it would be swifter.  Ber means Christmas.  Christmas means December.  December means God’s big day.  **insert a big smile here**

FIVE (4, 3, 2, 1)

**originally written last July 2012

It was Bryan who reminded me that we are 5 months away from our big day.  That woke me up for he also sent me this text/reminder/message at around 6 am.  Five seems very real and near. 


At this time, I strongly feel two things – excited and apprehensive.  Excited because I just want to get married!!!  My mind and heart are so into it that I just want to plunge.  This causes me to be lazy to start or continue with anything because I know it would change drastically after saying “I do”.  Two of the changes are the two newest words in my life MRS and SADORRA. Naks naman!  I imagine myself lining up then someone will call me, “Misis, ikaw na po”.  Haha

Another major change is my moving out from my parents -- away from the beautiful south.  We are planning to stay in his home in Manila where we could totally and function as one (only the 2 of us in one abode).  I am delighted to manage a home and a husband.  I know it won’t be easy, but I am excited for this -- so let me be!haha.  Nevertheless, 1 of the downsides would be leaving my home church (blog to follow), but I am still grateful and thrilled for these changes. I know this is what God wants. 

However, this biggest decision that I have made in my life also makes me uneasy.  I can’t point my finger to anyone or to something – it is just the thought that we are so near the finish line (at least for the wedding) and I do not want anything too big to happen that will cause us sorrow or shock.  I mean, we are almost there!  I just want to get it over with! 

All the same, this “fear” that I sometimes feel (or create?) makes me lean more to God and to His perfect plan for us. I remember one of our favorite lines during prayer time, “God allowed us to meet (Muntinlupa meets Manila) even if we were not praying for each other or for anyone.  Ngayon pa kaya? That we are sincerely and fervently seeking God for our togetherness? So I (we) know He will be faithful just as He was faithful from the beginning. 

I'm convinced that God, who began this good work in you,
will carry it through to completion on the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

Literature Teacher in an Engineering World

Ten things my new job (re)taught me:

  1. I am capable of doing a job that is not me (in terms of education and job experience) - I am thankful for my company's trust when I told them I learn fast.

  1. I can sit in front of the PC the whole day working – I am a Theater grad and a teacher who lobbied students to read, speak and learn.  Who would have taught I can work without talking much (and loud)?

  1. Most men speak in a direct manner.  Men who are Engineers talk in the most direct manner.  As in!! – Salute to the wives of Engineers

  1. There would be times that you would be completely and literally clueless of what you are doing and the next day would still not be better – spell persistence and heartache.

  1. Long weekends are stress relievers - We are on a Friday-off every other Fridays.  Happy! J

  1. The Morning Rush of RX 93.1 is love.  It covers my 6:00-10:00 AM.   So thankful for the Kikay barkada that they help me go through my first four hours (I leave home at 6 and start working at 630)

  1. Some people are really good in what they do and they would sometimes rub it on your face – Good thing I am secured on what I know and who I am.  Besides I am a literature teacher in an Engineer’s world.  Syempre naman, you are on top, Engineer ka eh! J

  1. Honesty and transparency works.  Whether you are in the academe, corporate and or any industry, it pays to say what you need, want, and do not know.

  1. The corporate cycle is quite long (or maybe never ends).  Unlike in teaching, it starts in June and ends in October or March.  Lots of time to be refreshed, look back and begin anew.

  1.   The classroom is still my happiest place.


**originally written last June 2012

Where did December to June go? 6 months flew really fast.  Good thing my reliable planner is here to remind me that 6 months really happened and I (we) am (are) now facing the last 2 quarters of wedding/ marriage planning. 

In 6 months, I will be walking down the aisle and marry the man that God prepared for me.  Arrrggghhh, ang lapit na!!   I remember weeks ago, in one of our random talks, we found ourselves saying that we can’t put our feelings in a single picture.  It is a bit of everything!  It is a fragment of happiness, of excitement, of worry, of curiosity, of madness, of jitters, of happy tears ,et al.  This makes me really say “wwwaaahhhhhhh 6 months !!!”

Of course, in the middle of this emotional roller coaster, we are also caught between our wedding planning and marriage counseling.  What a joy that this is all happening on the days we know that we have 6 months to be extra prepared.  This is so true especially with our 10 counseling sessions with the Velardo(s).  Our talks with them are making us nearer to God and to each other.  I am totally recommending counseling for couples who are getting married. Couples should remember that marriage is more important than a wedding.  So, aside from wedding planning, dapat mas bongga ang marriage planning!   This brings me to the thought that a wedding will only happen for four hours, but the marriage is for a lifetime.  So choose marriage, not weddings.  

 “Lord, thank you for your time which I know is perfect from the very beginning.  Thank you for the last 6 months of preparations.  May You continue to guide us and prepare us as we strive to be the best wife and husband for each other.  Empower us and remind us that we can do this not with our own might but only by Your spirit….Amen”  

The pics below are the families that always pray for us and with us. 
 Thank God for your lives.

our marriage counselors + ninang and ninong + mentors = velardo family


I am a sucker of love stories.  Ang saya kaya! Fine at times not so fun BUT there is no love 
story that's not kilig at one point.  It may have ended tragically, but I am so sure that there was a point of shivers in your togetherness – imposibleng wala.

Anyway, one love story that I like telling/discussing in class or with friends (I am that advocate) is  Dead Stars .  It is a Philippine short story in English written by Paz Marquez Benitez. I read it first in HS, however I did not appreciate it that time.  But, it totally got to me when I taught it for the first time.  Yes, not when I read again it but when I discussed it in front of my high schoolers (teaching does wonders you know).

I can say that Dead Stars is my ultimate favorite Philippine Literature and I strongly believe that the most romantic line is in this 14 page story.  The line that goes like this:

“ He walked close, his hand sometimes touching hers for one whirling second.”

Aaaacccckkkkk!  KKIIILLLLIIIGGGG!!!

Imagine this:  

You are walking side by side with your crush/person you are beginning to like/person you like.  Then, the back of his hand will linger for a second on the back of your hand.  THAT ONE WHIRLING SECOND THAT TOUCHES YOUR HAND.  Oh my!  Yung hindi mo alam IF he will hold your hand or not.  That  moment!!  Not the holding hands part but the moment he could have held your hand.  That freaking .001 second!  Waaaahhhhh!!! Kinikilig ako!hahahahaha

Haaaaay.  Salute to Benitez for capturing that one second of kilig to the highest level.  Waaaaaahhhh I am so kilig! Bow. <3 font="font">

well loved words and music

I love to videoke.  I love old and not so gasgas OPM songs.  The song is definitely on my number one videoke and mp3 list. Love love love on how Ryan told a story using a lovely melody.  He seemed to have used only the perfect notes.

words and music by: Ryan Cayabyab

'Di biro ang sumulat ng awitin para sa 'yo
Para aking isang sira-ulong hilo at lito
Sa akin pang minanang piyano tiklado'y pilit nilaro
Baka sakaling mayroong tonong bigla na lang uusbong
Tungkol sa ano mang kayang awitin para sa 'yo

'Di biro ang gawing sukat ang titik sa tono sampu man aking diks'yonaryo
Kung ang tugma'y 'di wasto, basta't isiping 'di magbabago
Damdamin ko sa iyo

Araw-gabi nasa isip ka
Napapanaginip ka kahit sa'n man magpunta
Araw-gabi nalalasing sa tuwa kapag kapiling ka
Araw-gabi tayong dal'wa

Biruin mong nasabi ko ang nais kong ipahatid
Dapat mo nang mabatid laman nitong dibdib
Tila sampung daang awitin
Natapos kong likhain
Ito ang tunay na damdamin
Tanggapin at dinggin

Araw-gabi nasa isip ka
Napapanaginip ka kahit sa'n man magpunta
Araw-gabi nalalasing sa tuwa kapag kapiling ka
Araw-gabi tayong dal'wa

Tayong dal'wa...
(Araw-gabi nasa isip ka
Napapanaginip ka kahit sa'n man magpunta)
Araw-gabi nalalasing sa tuwa kapag kapiling ka
Araw-gabi tayong dal'wa


1. Marriage is made up of two good forgivers. Because every marriage is made up of two sinners. (Romans 3:23)
2. At some point, you will have to learn that life isn’t all about you. (Philippians 2:3)
3. Don’t listen to women that tell you that passion fades…it doesn’t have to! (um…all of Song of Solomon)
4. Don’t give up. Love never fails. (1 Cor. 13)
5. He wants a kind wife, not a maid or another mother. Be nice. (Galatians 5:22-23)
6. Give your husband the gift of your respect.  He needs it more than you know. (Ephesians 5:33)
7. Be mindful of your expectations.
8. Honor the Lord above all things. Colossians 3: 17
9. Find your worth and security in the Lord, and don’t look to your husband to meet all of your needs.
10. Be very careful about reading romance novels, they set you up for an unrealistic view of romance.
11. Real romance is finding that one spot in the crook of his arm to snuggle into, that shared look over the dinner table when the kids are acting crazy, and the way he fixes the leaky sink when he is dog-tired after work.
12. Love is about relationship.  The more I love my husband, and seek a relationship with him, the less critical and duty-bound I become.  It is similar to my relationship with God.
13. Be thankful for the husband you have. Accept him as he is, not for what you want him to be.
14. Don’t compare!! Don’t buy into the game of comparing him with anyone else’s husband.
15.The Biblically “normal” marriage is filled with joy, connection, laughter, and peace.  It’s not free of hurt feelings and conflict, but they know how to process their pain with one another so that they live more often in a meadow than at the scene of a train wreck.  This is not the average marriage, but it normal – -because it is a visible display of Jesus’ relationship with His bride (Ephesians 5:22-33).
16. Your marriage is a testimony! 
17. Pray for your marriage. Pray hard.
18.I’ve heard that is gets better with age.  I have to say in my short {13 year} experience, that is so true.
19. Where there is God, there is always hope. Even for the most broken marriages. “With God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)
20.Marriage is commitment and sacrifice. But it’s also the best, most wild ride you will ever have with your best friend.
Text by Joy Forney of Grace Full Mama.
First seen in patty's blog page


**originally witten last May 2012

Lucky seven? -- BLESSED seven for me. 

I am blessed NOT because I am getting married but because I am getting married to Bryan Eli

Warning:  Bawal sabihin kay Bry.  Baka masyadong syang matuwa! :P

Julia Stiles meets Shakespeare

We rarely discussed sonnets in high school so I was not able to develop interest in it.  It was in college that I enjoyed reading (and memorizing) these well thought lines.  Fine, it was not an instant admiration but was more of the “pressure” to be fond of sonnets because I was a Theater student and was specializing in English.  I sensed it should be “matic” to appreciate all forms of literature because I will be teaching it (it is difficult to teach something that you don’t love).   In short, I forced myself to like sonnets.  After a sem or two, I finally grew much curiosity. - Yey! I can finally teach it with conviction.

I want to share the first sonnet I found touching.  I felt it since I was able to relate it to a poem of one of my favorite films (I think the scriptwriter meant it this way) .  I hope that this type of poetry does not make you feel intimidated at all (especially the teachers), because sonnets are just really wonderful (and remember, you will be teaching it!:P). These 14 liner poems can captivate one’s soul.  Trust me! :)

Buuuutttt, just in case you find sonnets threatening, let me help you.  What I want you to do is read the first poem below then continue with the sonnet.  These two literature pieces are related.  You will never go wrong.  There you go, start reading (aloud), then tell me what you think. 
 10 Things I Hate About You 
(from the film with the same title)

I hate the way you talk to me,
 and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car,
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots
and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick,
it even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you’re always right,
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh,
even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you’re not around,
and the fact that you didn’t call.
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,
not even close…
not even a little bit…
not even at all.

By: Shakespeare

In faith I do not love thee with mine eyes, 
For they in thee a thousand errors note;
But 'tis my heart that loves what they despise,Who, in despite of view, is pleased to dote.
Nor are mine ears with thy tongue's tune delighted;
Nor tender feeling, to base touches prone,
Nor taste, nor smell, desire to be invited
To any sensual feast with thee alone:
But my five wits nor my five senses can
Dissuade one foolish heart from serving thee,
Who leaves unswayed the likeness of a man,
Thy proud heart's slave and vassal wretch to be:
Only my plague thus far I count my gain,
That she that makes me sin awards me pain.

fell in love with Heath at this film too (I miss him...)


Inay (lola, ma’s side) introduced me to coffee.  During summer, when I was around 4 or 5 years old, I remember slowly going down the stairs and heading directly to the kitchen.   Inay’s kitchen leads to the batalan (an open dirty kitchen) where Ama, is busily sharpening his bolo while cooking coffee and Inay is steaming rice.  While still half awake, I would sit on an overused bangko  (wooden bench) and smell the aroma of the boiling coffee.

Ama, would look at me and ask why I woke up so early.  I would just look at him and half smile (shy and still sleepy).   Inay then will offer coffee straight from the pot.  I blew and gradually sipped until I finish the whole cup. 

Brewed coffee with sugar for a 5 year old on a provincial morning.  Epic.

Who would have told that starting college, this would be a part of my morning routine?  Every morning, I would half awake make myself a cup of coffee (fine, minsan si Mama hahaha).  No pots for me though, just my handy coffee maker.  No matter what my day is like, I need my freshly brewed cup of coffee.

If I do not get coffee, I would get a terrible headache. I don’t know if this is psychological or scientific, but I just really need a fresh cup of it – everyday.  Aside from this, I love the bitter-sweet taste of coffee (no creamer for me).  Just thinking about it, makes me want a cup now. 

In the celebration of this coffee blog, let me share to you my fave QUICK FIX coffee brands.  Meaning, IF I am on the run, any of these coffee names would be my first to get.. :)

6.  KOPICCINO (of Kopiko) - This is my latest 3 in 1 discovery (Thanks to Marian Pasicolan, another 3 in 1 explorer).  Since it is sweet and creamy, I wouldn't have it everyday, but will definitely have it on a rainy, lazy afternoon.  What I LOVE about this 10 peso 3 in 1 sachet is the stash of chocolate powder that you can pour after stirring your cup.  What an instant beauty to your cheap cup of coffee! :)

5.  MCDONALD'S - I still trust Mcdo.  Just make sure the lid is placed properly.  I always lift the lid to make it in won't come off.  Mcdo is extra special because of the convenience they give to drivers. Drive-thru lang, may coffee ka na!  They come in small (29 php) and big sizes and (39 php) .

4.  STARBUCKS - Need I say more?  I usually get Cafe Misto, extra hot, grande.  

3.  DUNKIN DONUTS - I love their coffee!  I rediscovered this cup when I taught in Adamson.  I would leisurely pass by their store before I go to class.  Perfect fix for a start-up! :)  Sold at 35 php.

2.  KOPIKO ASTIG - Winner!  I always have a sachet of this at work, at home, and sometimes, in my bag!  cheap (5 php srp) + strong + available anywhere = winner 3 in 1 coffee

1.  COUNTRY STYLE - Fine, not that available BUT is is really good.  They also offer different flavors (my fave is almond) and refillable cups.  I think 39 php is okay for a perfect cup, fastfood type brand of brewed coffee.


When I was around 6, I hoped to go to the United States. I would daydream about this as I watched Doogie Howser M.D and Small Wonder at night.  I remember literally asking Mama how I can go.   She would just then smile at me and ask “why”.  With much gusto, I would say “kasi gusto ko ng  brown bag na may maraming maraming grocery, tas mahirap dalahin kasi ang dami dami kong binili”.  Oh yes, at an early age, the grocery (with the brown bag) is already my favorite place in the world.    

Anyway, my “American dream” did not take place (as of 2012), but the buying of cartons of milk and boxes of cereals happened plusssss THEY PLACED IT IN A BROWN PAPER GROCERY BAG!!! YEHEY!!!

Thanks Maan for capturing this JOYOUS moment.  
Thanks to the Mayor of Muntinlupa, Aldrin San Pedro and his officials, our city has been “anti plastic bags” for (I think) 2 years now.  When I first heard this, I was just glad that we are more “environment friendly”-- I did not realize that this would be God’s way of answering my childhood dream.  God made me really laugh when I went to Shopwise, bought supplies and clutched 3 big brown paper bags.  I was all smiles when I carried the brown bags to the parking lot.  Bonus points was when I cannot find my car keys and I had to place one bag on the hood my car.  I WAS AMERICAN for 2 minutes!!! Wuhoooo!  hahahahaha

This may just be a simple “dream” but God made it happen.  Not to forget, that God made me laugh.  Siguro, He was like, “Sige, gawin na nating anti-plastic ang Muntinlupa (first in the whole NCR) para sa pangarap ni Mico”….Hay Lord, I just so love your sense of humor. .. J

 On a serious note, If He took the effort to arrange this tiny dream for me, He would of course take time to give the hopes I have been desiring and praying about.   It may not be the exact answer (no US visa for me) but it is still a response!  (which is apparently better -- more fun in the Philippines diba?)  Don’t you see how thoughtful (and fun) our God is?

Matthew 6:26 "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?


** originally written last April 2012

It was exactly 8 months before the wedding when I stepped on Bryan’s birthplace and hometown (which was not planned at all).  When we were booking, we focused the days rather than the dates, so we were really surprise to realize this.  What a perfect and lovely timing!

Looking back on this trip, I thank God on how he allowed me to see the other side of my husband to be.  Seeing the house he grew up in, meeting his Nana, relatives and church family, dining at their table with his parents and meeting the food and places he enjoyed as a kid made know him more.  Nakakaaliw.  I am beyond happy how our trip went. 

One more reason that made this trip special was when we had time to sit down and talk about our wedding plans to the people closest to him.  It was heart warming to hear him talk about our wedding and marriage preps.  I can’t help but thank God in my mind that the man I love is talking about “us” to the people significant to him.  It was a different kind of feeling being introduced as his wife-to-be.  Nakaka-conscious na nakakatuwa.  Ah basta. :)

Aside from this, my visit to Ilocos was also an evidence of God’s answers to our prayers.  I felt this truly when we spent one late afternoon by the beach.  This place has been abused by Bryan in his stories and I have been imagining it in my head for the longest time—and finally, I was stepping on it.  I was reminded of God’s faithfulness to me, to us and to our relationship.  We were just dreaming and praying about my trip to Paoay before, and it actually happened.    

It will probably be eight more months till I will see Paoay again.  Pero sige lang.  God willing, when that time happens, I will be re-introduced with another “title”…And I am sure, that would bring me to another world of happiness and thrill.