Below is a list of one-liners married women usually say when asked about their love stories.  These “phrases” mean nothing before, but now, I can so relate!!

  • “Wag mong hanapin, dadating din yun “ (do not look for love, it will come) – Bryan came into my life when I was fixing papers for Canada.   It was also the time when I told myself this -  “I am okay with the idea of being single forever.  Mag ta-travel na lang ako!”  Then, with a snap of a finger, I fell in love!

  • “Kabaligtaran ng gusto mo yung makakatuluyan mo” (you will not marry your type) – My boyfriend is gwapo (naman!).   He is gwapo but not my type.  Bryan is the “boy next door, goody-good” type of handsome,however, I am more attracted to “ruggedly/parang mambubugbog” type of a man.  At the end of the day, who cares? Basta gwapo, tapos ang kwento! :p

  • “May mas okay pa sa ex mo!!” (I was in love with another man) Hay, good thing I did not marry my first love!  Buti, the ex is married! (I discovered his real status after 2 years of being together -- BLOG to follow).  When I was still moving on, my thoughts were “why is my ex married? if he was not, we would have been married”.  Now, I am just sooooo thankful he has a wife. Buti na lang talaga.  Bryan is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy better!  GOOD THING, HE IS MARRIED AND I WAITED!

  • “Alam mo pag yun na” (You will know if he is the one) – With my present relationship, there is no “I hope we really end up together”, it is more of “With God, I know.  I just know.”   

  • “bata ka pa, wag magmadali” (You are still young, do not hurry love) – I started wedding planning at 30.  Need I say more?

  • “I-enjoy mo ang pagiging single, dahil iba na pag may asawa” (Enjoy single life, because once you are married, things turn upside down)Among the list, this is what I fully lived up to (buti na lang).  When I was still not committed, I grabbed all the chances of thinking for one, traveling whenever and wherever, meeting people, enjoying my hard earned (ehem) money, exploring new things, and being very spontaneous.  Looking back, no regrets. I have enjoyed my single life and though thinking for two is challenging, I know I am "ready" for this.

  • “Iba pa rin pag Christian”  (It is different when the person you are with is a “Christian”) – Oh yes! One hundred percent true.  I can probably come up with a hundred of reasons why every single person should consider this.  You may read my blog, WHY NOT, NON-C for further discussions on this. 

So, have you heard these one-liners too?  What do you have to say?


Tita Gerlyn and Pastor Vernon is one of the couples I look up to.
Tita Gerlyn is my spiritual mentor who has watched me grow (in all aspects!).
Ate Faye (far right),  is an epitome of "it is okay to be single"
Ate angel (middle) told me that "it is ok to be single than marry the wrong person".
Ate Dot naman, was the first woman who inspired me to pray weddings and marriage.
When I first walked into her home in Baguio (2003), I was like, gusto kong ikasal! :)
My tita (s) who all told me that I should find a man stronger than me.
They all proved that Dimanligs can me submissive! I miss them all!
My College Professor/mentor, Mam Cerbo (middle).  She affirmed our love story.
 She always knows what to say. :) 
The mom who made me witness that one can be friends with her kids.
I miss our morning talks Mam Tetel!  Thanks for being our cheerleader!

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