All this time, I thought I was ready to get married.  Never did I know I was not and never will be. This helpful truth humbled me as a person, a teacher, a woman and a future wife.  Pastor Gerson (Bryan’s mentor) is right, we just have to do it

With this realization, I have an estimate where my wobbly and giddy feet are.  I (we) have also now accepted that I (we) can only prepare much but being ready in its truest essence is impossible. I just have to trust God, myself and Bryan with this.   Ganun pala yun.  Good thing my parents, in a way, helped me “prepare” for marriage.  When I moved out from my parents place, I became domesticated.  I managed a little home, paid bills, and turned out to be more responsible.  But then again, this is just a small piece of what marriage is.  Gotta’ learn more.  Sorry naman, first time eh!

Sooooo, after all these insights, when is one ready to get married?  I do not exactly know.  Maybe, for me (us), the following considerations made me (us) see I (we) me ready to take the plunge:  1.  God’s time table  2.  stability  3.  age  4.  parents go signal  5. lastly, degree of commitment -- and for now, these are enough.  Anyway, we have decided (with God’s help) that we will pray, love, support, adjust and practice togetherness no matter what happens.  So go, go, sago! Kasalan na ‘to!

with Pastor Gerson and wife at Inglay Retaurant, Benguet
our wobbly and giddy feet 

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