ELEVEN - marriage countdown

** this was originally written last February 2012.  

It was supposed to be September 17, 2012.  When we decided to move it to December, I was a bit apprehensive because I felt that the three-month gap would be a long wait (ako na excited).  But now, that I (we) am exactly 11 months away from our wedding date, I am just so thankful we adjusted it.  Time zooms.

11 Communions to go, and we are off to marriage.

Now that I am counting days, God has been reminding me of the little “wishful thinkings” I had as a young girl.  During IVCF camps and conferences, when couples would inspire young hearts on how God authored their love stories, I would get jealous and say, “sana ako din ganyan”.  I NEVER fervently prayed for a man (up until Bryan courted me), but I remember saying to myself  “Gusto ko yan gawin with my husband.  I want to share how we met too.  His version then my version…”  And guess what? In one of our talks, he mentioned that he is open to the possibility of sharing how God puzzled us together.  And I was like…teka, this sounds familiar…I wished for this before!  I have forgotten but God has not!  AMAZING! Talk about how God moves and remembers!  YES! He is faithful -- even to those little requests I just spontaneously uttered!!

 I can’t wait for the day/s God will allow us to share how he brought us together. Even though we haven’t pegged any date yet, it is just amazing that Bryan is open for this idea too.     This journey with Bryan and God has been awesome.   11 months will quickly pass by but I know God will not stop here.  Isn’t He really great?

Shing, an ISCF batchmate/friend and K. Dennis, my ISCF counselor

A. Dot's home in Baguio inspired me to dream of families.
She and her husband are our marriage counselor too.

Kuya Eric, my KC Camp Director.  He was engaged and fondly talked about his love story during KC.

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