NINE (vs. 12)

 ** originally written last March 06, 2012

I have been counting the days until we get married by blogging monthly.  Allow this blog to be a bit different because it is exactly nine months before our wedding day PLUS our first year anniversary. 

I still have in me what happened and felt that night.  It was March 6, 2011, a Sunday - the last show of “Jesus Artists Refined for Souls – Friends Forever”.  It was also the same day he met my church family and the second time he saw my parents.  That morning, I was actually already contemplating on giving my “yes” so I was praying and hoping that there would be a sort of a sign, good chance and timing. 

Before and after the play, I introduced him to my friends and their parents so everyone looked at us with a teasing smile (you know how a community church is like).  They just “know” and I was shy of course.   In addition to the jokes of my friends, and stares of titas and titos, they asked us to have our picture taken on stage in front of everyone.   Two of the “everyone” were my parents and as I glanced at them, I saw the big smile on both their faces – all smiles looking at us   And I just knew, I can make it official. SIGN - check!

Timing and chance, next.    

Since the play ended late and I have an early class at Adamson the next day, I took the “chance” to ride with Bryan to Manila.  Praise God for my cousins’ (Tan, Dei and Shei) condo in Manila,  I have a place to crash into.  Our conversation inside his car was light, up until I teased him about Canada.  He jokingly told me that I can leave Philippines and he is actually okay with it.  Our talk went along, until we reached the condominium of my cousins.  Since date no. 1, it has been my ritual to utter “thank you” for each of the things he did for me that day.  So I began saying “Thank you sa pag punta”, “Thank you sa pag-nood”, “Thank you sa pag hatid”, etc.. then he replied (as if nagtatampo) with a “ganyan naman eh, lagi na lang thank you”.  I replied with a smile, then turned my back against him to open the car door.  Before reaching the latch, I looked at him back and without blinking, right straight to his face, after taking a deep breath, I said "I love you too".

Then we exchanged smiles, asaran, eye contacts, tears, laughters and sighs.

 Instead of getting off the car, he shifted to first gear .  We parked then prayed near CCP and Yellow Cab.  We walked from the parking lot side by side and held hands.  I kept on glancing at our clasped hands for I was in disbelief of a breathtaking love story.  Sigh.  I could not ask and will not ask for more. 

And the rest, as they say is HIS-story.

Below are the pictures of the event at church before I said "I love you too".. :)



My Groom and Maid-of-Honor (in one)

I have the best-of-honor -- my groom. 

I was actually a bit shock (in the beginning) and happy (later on) to witness on how much Bryan is into our wedding/marriage planning.  He is not the type of man I hear some brides-to-be complain about.  He is super hands on.  I feel that I am actually getting married with someone! :)

I first observed this trait during our first fight. Ganito yun…

We were at Café’ Breton flipping wedding magazines and brainstorming on the possibilities of a beach themed wedding.  Days before that, being me as a lover of the sand, sun and sea,  I already started imagining what the secondary sponsors would wear and what the decors would be.  I had a picture in my mind and those pictures were already real to me (anyway, most of the groom I talked with let their fiancée decide on some details).

But I was wrong.  Bryan questioned my ideas and debunked the picture I had in mind.  TADDDDAAAA!! --away mode!   The fight was between Mico who is used to deciding alone vs Bryan who adores the word togetherness. 

Since that night, I realized that the guy I am with pays and will pay attention to details. And yes, I super appreciate this now.  Believe it or not, he has never said “bahala ka na dyan” on any wedding element we have been discussing.  (as of July 21, 2012)--Winner! 

He is the type of groom who would roughly flip magazines, and tell me to check on the pages he folded (Kahit na naiinis ako, kasi gusto ko, naka post-it :P). He would also send me links of possible suppliers.  He would even study (with markers and lines) and compute the rates we have been handed out (sya kasi mostly magbabayad J).  Plusss, he photojourns!  He would give me these drawn random thoughts!  Ang cute!   Haaay, he made himself even more lovable! J

So, with the absence of my Maid-of Honor (she was in the US when I was writing this), I don’t feel lost in all this planning. I have the best groom and maid-of-honor!!!

we knew we just have to see what UP has to offer

usual planning set-up


Takaw meal after a tiring day



**originally written last March 2012 

Yesterday was fun.  Although it turned out to be a typical “Sun-date”, our conversations on wedding and marriage over cake and coffee were lighter and bubblier.  One thing we realized  was that, our “No’s” are now “Yes’s” and vice-versa. So yup, the all day teasing about our indecisive minds were also present. 

One thing I like about Bryan is his sense of humor and ability to laugh on tough situations.  Being a girl who gets to be a real worrier at times, it is good to know that at the end of the day, there is someone you can sit down, talk and giggle with. I remember the times when I would be awaken by my parents’ laughter in the morning.  This use to irritate me (especially during adolescence stage), but now, it inspires and excites me that mornings and meals with my future husband won’t be boring at all. 

Ate April (my cousin who is at the US now) was so correct.  During my college years, she once told me that what she likes about her husband for years now is his sense of humor.  She said too, that romance will “fade away” but wavelength, friendship and conversations will not.  So right!  It feels good to have a kakwentuhan.  Another wishful thinking that came true!

If God allows, 10 months to go, and I will be Mrs. Sadorra.  It seems to be so far-flung but since we need to do something big every month, the countdown to marriage life is a leap away.  This is particularly true because we have gotten and ordered a few of our must-haves (Bible and rings).  Haaaay, can’t wait. 

And as this “blog –count-down” continues, I will wait and be thankful.  I can’t wait to see more confirmations from God and from the people who love us both. Lord, bring it on! :)