** originally written last April 2012

It was exactly 8 months before the wedding when I stepped on Bryan’s birthplace and hometown (which was not planned at all).  When we were booking, we focused the days rather than the dates, so we were really surprise to realize this.  What a perfect and lovely timing!

Looking back on this trip, I thank God on how he allowed me to see the other side of my husband to be.  Seeing the house he grew up in, meeting his Nana, relatives and church family, dining at their table with his parents and meeting the food and places he enjoyed as a kid made know him more.  Nakakaaliw.  I am beyond happy how our trip went. 

One more reason that made this trip special was when we had time to sit down and talk about our wedding plans to the people closest to him.  It was heart warming to hear him talk about our wedding and marriage preps.  I can’t help but thank God in my mind that the man I love is talking about “us” to the people significant to him.  It was a different kind of feeling being introduced as his wife-to-be.  Nakaka-conscious na nakakatuwa.  Ah basta. :)

Aside from this, my visit to Ilocos was also an evidence of God’s answers to our prayers.  I felt this truly when we spent one late afternoon by the beach.  This place has been abused by Bryan in his stories and I have been imagining it in my head for the longest time—and finally, I was stepping on it.  I was reminded of God’s faithfulness to me, to us and to our relationship.  We were just dreaming and praying about my trip to Paoay before, and it actually happened.    

It will probably be eight more months till I will see Paoay again.  Pero sige lang.  God willing, when that time happens, I will be re-introduced with another “title”…And I am sure, that would bring me to another world of happiness and thrill.

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