Inay (lola, ma’s side) introduced me to coffee.  During summer, when I was around 4 or 5 years old, I remember slowly going down the stairs and heading directly to the kitchen.   Inay’s kitchen leads to the batalan (an open dirty kitchen) where Ama, is busily sharpening his bolo while cooking coffee and Inay is steaming rice.  While still half awake, I would sit on an overused bangko  (wooden bench) and smell the aroma of the boiling coffee.

Ama, would look at me and ask why I woke up so early.  I would just look at him and half smile (shy and still sleepy).   Inay then will offer coffee straight from the pot.  I blew and gradually sipped until I finish the whole cup. 

Brewed coffee with sugar for a 5 year old on a provincial morning.  Epic.

Who would have told that starting college, this would be a part of my morning routine?  Every morning, I would half awake make myself a cup of coffee (fine, minsan si Mama hahaha).  No pots for me though, just my handy coffee maker.  No matter what my day is like, I need my freshly brewed cup of coffee.

If I do not get coffee, I would get a terrible headache. I don’t know if this is psychological or scientific, but I just really need a fresh cup of it – everyday.  Aside from this, I love the bitter-sweet taste of coffee (no creamer for me).  Just thinking about it, makes me want a cup now. 

In the celebration of this coffee blog, let me share to you my fave QUICK FIX coffee brands.  Meaning, IF I am on the run, any of these coffee names would be my first to get.. :)

6.  KOPICCINO (of Kopiko) - This is my latest 3 in 1 discovery (Thanks to Marian Pasicolan, another 3 in 1 explorer).  Since it is sweet and creamy, I wouldn't have it everyday, but will definitely have it on a rainy, lazy afternoon.  What I LOVE about this 10 peso 3 in 1 sachet is the stash of chocolate powder that you can pour after stirring your cup.  What an instant beauty to your cheap cup of coffee! :)

5.  MCDONALD'S - I still trust Mcdo.  Just make sure the lid is placed properly.  I always lift the lid to make it in won't come off.  Mcdo is extra special because of the convenience they give to drivers. Drive-thru lang, may coffee ka na!  They come in small (29 php) and big sizes and (39 php) .

4.  STARBUCKS - Need I say more?  I usually get Cafe Misto, extra hot, grande.  

3.  DUNKIN DONUTS - I love their coffee!  I rediscovered this cup when I taught in Adamson.  I would leisurely pass by their store before I go to class.  Perfect fix for a start-up! :)  Sold at 35 php.

2.  KOPIKO ASTIG - Winner!  I always have a sachet of this at work, at home, and sometimes, in my bag!  cheap (5 php srp) + strong + available anywhere = winner 3 in 1 coffee

1.  COUNTRY STYLE - Fine, not that available BUT is is really good.  They also offer different flavors (my fave is almond) and refillable cups.  I think 39 php is okay for a perfect cup, fastfood type brand of brewed coffee.

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  1. Awww. No Nescafe? I love Nescafe Brown & Creamy! But yes, I'm with you on McDo and Dunkin! :)


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