Literature Teacher in an Engineering World

Ten things my new job (re)taught me:

  1. I am capable of doing a job that is not me (in terms of education and job experience) - I am thankful for my company's trust when I told them I learn fast.

  1. I can sit in front of the PC the whole day working – I am a Theater grad and a teacher who lobbied students to read, speak and learn.  Who would have taught I can work without talking much (and loud)?

  1. Most men speak in a direct manner.  Men who are Engineers talk in the most direct manner.  As in!! – Salute to the wives of Engineers

  1. There would be times that you would be completely and literally clueless of what you are doing and the next day would still not be better – spell persistence and heartache.

  1. Long weekends are stress relievers - We are on a Friday-off every other Fridays.  Happy! J

  1. The Morning Rush of RX 93.1 is love.  It covers my 6:00-10:00 AM.   So thankful for the Kikay barkada that they help me go through my first four hours (I leave home at 6 and start working at 630)

  1. Some people are really good in what they do and they would sometimes rub it on your face – Good thing I am secured on what I know and who I am.  Besides I am a literature teacher in an Engineer’s world.  Syempre naman, you are on top, Engineer ka eh! J

  1. Honesty and transparency works.  Whether you are in the academe, corporate and or any industry, it pays to say what you need, want, and do not know.

  1. The corporate cycle is quite long (or maybe never ends).  Unlike in teaching, it starts in June and ends in October or March.  Lots of time to be refreshed, look back and begin anew.

  1.   The classroom is still my happiest place.


**originally written last June 2012

Where did December to June go? 6 months flew really fast.  Good thing my reliable planner is here to remind me that 6 months really happened and I (we) am (are) now facing the last 2 quarters of wedding/ marriage planning. 

In 6 months, I will be walking down the aisle and marry the man that God prepared for me.  Arrrggghhh, ang lapit na!!   I remember weeks ago, in one of our random talks, we found ourselves saying that we can’t put our feelings in a single picture.  It is a bit of everything!  It is a fragment of happiness, of excitement, of worry, of curiosity, of madness, of jitters, of happy tears ,et al.  This makes me really say “wwwaaahhhhhhh 6 months !!!”

Of course, in the middle of this emotional roller coaster, we are also caught between our wedding planning and marriage counseling.  What a joy that this is all happening on the days we know that we have 6 months to be extra prepared.  This is so true especially with our 10 counseling sessions with the Velardo(s).  Our talks with them are making us nearer to God and to each other.  I am totally recommending counseling for couples who are getting married. Couples should remember that marriage is more important than a wedding.  So, aside from wedding planning, dapat mas bongga ang marriage planning!   This brings me to the thought that a wedding will only happen for four hours, but the marriage is for a lifetime.  So choose marriage, not weddings.  

 “Lord, thank you for your time which I know is perfect from the very beginning.  Thank you for the last 6 months of preparations.  May You continue to guide us and prepare us as we strive to be the best wife and husband for each other.  Empower us and remind us that we can do this not with our own might but only by Your spirit….Amen”  

The pics below are the families that always pray for us and with us. 
 Thank God for your lives.

our marriage counselors + ninang and ninong + mentors = velardo family


I am a sucker of love stories.  Ang saya kaya! Fine at times not so fun BUT there is no love 
story that's not kilig at one point.  It may have ended tragically, but I am so sure that there was a point of shivers in your togetherness – imposibleng wala.

Anyway, one love story that I like telling/discussing in class or with friends (I am that advocate) is  Dead Stars .  It is a Philippine short story in English written by Paz Marquez Benitez. I read it first in HS, however I did not appreciate it that time.  But, it totally got to me when I taught it for the first time.  Yes, not when I read again it but when I discussed it in front of my high schoolers (teaching does wonders you know).

I can say that Dead Stars is my ultimate favorite Philippine Literature and I strongly believe that the most romantic line is in this 14 page story.  The line that goes like this:

“ He walked close, his hand sometimes touching hers for one whirling second.”

Aaaacccckkkkk!  KKIIILLLLIIIGGGG!!!

Imagine this:  

You are walking side by side with your crush/person you are beginning to like/person you like.  Then, the back of his hand will linger for a second on the back of your hand.  THAT ONE WHIRLING SECOND THAT TOUCHES YOUR HAND.  Oh my!  Yung hindi mo alam IF he will hold your hand or not.  That  moment!!  Not the holding hands part but the moment he could have held your hand.  That freaking .001 second!  Waaaahhhhh!!! Kinikilig ako!hahahahaha

Haaaaay.  Salute to Benitez for capturing that one second of kilig to the highest level.  Waaaaaahhhh I am so kilig! Bow. <3 font="font">

well loved words and music

I love to videoke.  I love old and not so gasgas OPM songs.  The song is definitely on my number one videoke and mp3 list. Love love love on how Ryan told a story using a lovely melody.  He seemed to have used only the perfect notes.

words and music by: Ryan Cayabyab

'Di biro ang sumulat ng awitin para sa 'yo
Para aking isang sira-ulong hilo at lito
Sa akin pang minanang piyano tiklado'y pilit nilaro
Baka sakaling mayroong tonong bigla na lang uusbong
Tungkol sa ano mang kayang awitin para sa 'yo

'Di biro ang gawing sukat ang titik sa tono sampu man aking diks'yonaryo
Kung ang tugma'y 'di wasto, basta't isiping 'di magbabago
Damdamin ko sa iyo

Araw-gabi nasa isip ka
Napapanaginip ka kahit sa'n man magpunta
Araw-gabi nalalasing sa tuwa kapag kapiling ka
Araw-gabi tayong dal'wa

Biruin mong nasabi ko ang nais kong ipahatid
Dapat mo nang mabatid laman nitong dibdib
Tila sampung daang awitin
Natapos kong likhain
Ito ang tunay na damdamin
Tanggapin at dinggin

Araw-gabi nasa isip ka
Napapanaginip ka kahit sa'n man magpunta
Araw-gabi nalalasing sa tuwa kapag kapiling ka
Araw-gabi tayong dal'wa

Tayong dal'wa...
(Araw-gabi nasa isip ka
Napapanaginip ka kahit sa'n man magpunta)
Araw-gabi nalalasing sa tuwa kapag kapiling ka
Araw-gabi tayong dal'wa