I am a sucker of love stories.  Ang saya kaya! Fine at times not so fun BUT there is no love 
story that's not kilig at one point.  It may have ended tragically, but I am so sure that there was a point of shivers in your togetherness – imposibleng wala.

Anyway, one love story that I like telling/discussing in class or with friends (I am that advocate) is  Dead Stars .  It is a Philippine short story in English written by Paz Marquez Benitez. I read it first in HS, however I did not appreciate it that time.  But, it totally got to me when I taught it for the first time.  Yes, not when I read again it but when I discussed it in front of my high schoolers (teaching does wonders you know).

I can say that Dead Stars is my ultimate favorite Philippine Literature and I strongly believe that the most romantic line is in this 14 page story.  The line that goes like this:

“ He walked close, his hand sometimes touching hers for one whirling second.”

Aaaacccckkkkk!  KKIIILLLLIIIGGGG!!!

Imagine this:  

You are walking side by side with your crush/person you are beginning to like/person you like.  Then, the back of his hand will linger for a second on the back of your hand.  THAT ONE WHIRLING SECOND THAT TOUCHES YOUR HAND.  Oh my!  Yung hindi mo alam IF he will hold your hand or not.  That  moment!!  Not the holding hands part but the moment he could have held your hand.  That freaking .001 second!  Waaaahhhhh!!! Kinikilig ako!hahahahaha

Haaaaay.  Salute to Benitez for capturing that one second of kilig to the highest level.  Waaaaaahhhh I am so kilig! Bow. <3 font="font">

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