Literature Teacher in an Engineering World

Ten things my new job (re)taught me:

  1. I am capable of doing a job that is not me (in terms of education and job experience) - I am thankful for my company's trust when I told them I learn fast.

  1. I can sit in front of the PC the whole day working – I am a Theater grad and a teacher who lobbied students to read, speak and learn.  Who would have taught I can work without talking much (and loud)?

  1. Most men speak in a direct manner.  Men who are Engineers talk in the most direct manner.  As in!! – Salute to the wives of Engineers

  1. There would be times that you would be completely and literally clueless of what you are doing and the next day would still not be better – spell persistence and heartache.

  1. Long weekends are stress relievers - We are on a Friday-off every other Fridays.  Happy! J

  1. The Morning Rush of RX 93.1 is love.  It covers my 6:00-10:00 AM.   So thankful for the Kikay barkada that they help me go through my first four hours (I leave home at 6 and start working at 630)

  1. Some people are really good in what they do and they would sometimes rub it on your face – Good thing I am secured on what I know and who I am.  Besides I am a literature teacher in an Engineer’s world.  Syempre naman, you are on top, Engineer ka eh! J

  1. Honesty and transparency works.  Whether you are in the academe, corporate and or any industry, it pays to say what you need, want, and do not know.

  1. The corporate cycle is quite long (or maybe never ends).  Unlike in teaching, it starts in June and ends in October or March.  Lots of time to be refreshed, look back and begin anew.

  1.   The classroom is still my happiest place.

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