** originally written last August 2012

I just want to get it over with!!!

We have been wedding planning for almost a year now and I feel that is a bit long for two people who have been together for over a year and 5 months (only).  So yes, again, as o f 8:48  am,  I want to get married NOW. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I have been enjoying and learning from all these thinking, discussions, meet-ups, budgeting, and decision making with our suppliers and Bryan (hence, this blog is here) but I am just really thrilled to see everything happen in one day.  Ano kayang mangyayari on God’s big day? Hhhhmmmmm …Which brings me back to the idea of “unfairness” – imagine? We have been planning this for a year, tapos 4 hours lang mangyayari? There goes the money (too)!! :P

Let me further strengthen this sentiment because it is not only I that feels this, Bryan too!  Atleast, I am not the only one who wants to be wedded - the feeling is mutual! Haha

Hay.  16 more Sundays.  Next month is a –BER month already thus it would be swifter.  Ber means Christmas.  Christmas means December.  December means God’s big day.  **insert a big smile here**

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