Bryan vows to...

Mic, long before you came into my life, I experienced worldly pleasures, temporary happiness and selfish satisfactions but, God remained faithful that He gave me you…
You, who redirected my path to righteousness
You, who allowed me to experience the love of no holds bar
You, who let me feel that indeed love is without bounderies
You, who accepted both my strength and my weaknesses
You, who kept silent if I am busy at work
You, who never complained if I need to prioritize my law books over going out for a coffee of dinner
You, who learned to love my past however crooked it may have been
You, who remained despite the strength of my personality
You, who understand me even if the strong personality that I have  is at times misplaced

Thank you Mic. Thank you for coming into my life.  I love you.  And as we venture a life of togetherness I promise to perform the headship as the Lord does over me. I promise to provide for our needs through God’s enablement.  I promise to care, protect and honor you. I promise to allow God to use you in your life.  And as God permits, I look forward to establishing a family and a home with you where Christ is glorified.
Mic, thank you for your love, for your friendship and for just being you.  Like Edgar Allan Poe’s love for his Annabel Lee, I love you with a love thatis more than love.  That I will be lying down by your side – my darling, my life and my bride
I love you, Mic and I am with you in one life and one love for one God

 Mico vows to...

I love you very much…

You are my dream and my reality.  I want you to know that this is the biggest decision I have made in my life, yet this is the easiest.  You made a lot of things easy for me – thank you very much.

Thank you for choosing God before me. Thank you for honouring my parents.  Thank you for praying with me and for me.  Thank you for doing the right things from the very beginning.  For confessing your weaknesse, for listening to my doubts  and kapraningans.  Thank you for being you. For including me in your plans, wishes and life.  Thank you for being my best friend. my maid-of-honor, my boyfriend, my pastor and minsan Tatay... :P

I am so excited to be your wife.  I promise to cook for you. To support you in your every decision whether you are sure or unsure.  I promise to be your sense of humor especially when law school eats you up.  To honor, trust, respect and submit.  Effort yan for me, kasi alam mo na matigas din ulo ko.

I promise to love God more than you because I know that this is the only way I can be the best for you…

This is it- we made it with God’s mighty hand!  On how we are puzzled. He is the amazing writer of this love story and He is not finished with us yet.  Wherever He will lead us, I am happy and secured because I have you…I love you..   

**photos taken by Jorem and Sherry Catilo

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