** The list below is in alphabetical order.  You may message me for the rates.

      Coordinator- RHED EVENTS – We originally wanted Darlene of Perfect 10 Weddings (saw her work in two weddings and she was just flawless), apparently, she went on hiatus to focus on her family more.  We were hopeless because we know that coordinators can either make or break a wedding.  Pag palpak ang Coor mo, palpak ang wedding mo.  We went from one team to another, and yet, we still can’t figure who the best team would be.  Good thing, someone dropped the name RHED SARMIENTO.  I and my Maid-of-Honor spied on her FB account and got impressed.  When I spoke with her, I knew she will be good.  We booked her and were not disappointed at all.

We sat with her thrice (first meet up, venue visit and final dits).  We saw and felt that she knew what she was doing.  On the wedding day, we further witnessed how efficient and dedicated she and her entire team was.  We and our families were so relaxed.  We just felt like playing dress-up. They also made sure that everyone was ready and prompt.  We did not have to think of anything/anyone else –She did all this for us.  So if you want a stress/hassle free wedding – GET HER! (I am speaking in behalf of a bride na nagtitipid na OC and Theater Arts major)

View her page here

Caterer – QUEENSLAND – I have known and tasted Queensland since I was young and I do not remember having any qualms about them.  Titas, friends and neighbors also attested to the taste and affordability they bring.  Bryan has yet to be impressed so we sat down for food tasting – and as I was sure – he liked, loved it. 

I     I  suggest Queensland for those who want good food that comes with a cheap cost. Just do not be carried away with their grand set-up (we chose the simplest one).  We had plastic chairs covered in white cloth and tables with white cloth as well with olive green runners.  We did not opt for the one with a lot of skirting and ribbons on the chairs because it could look stocky.

       Another tip is, when giving tips (yes, tips), make sure it goes to the right person (head waiter).  Or I suggest, announce it to everyone that you gave a tip and the tip is for each one of them.  Since Queensland does a lot of events in a day, some waiters are not monitored ethically.  BUT, then again, when it comes to service, food handling, taste and cost – we had zero problems from Queensland. 

           Gowns – ATE DIANA – I was so sure that I won’t get a gown designer so I knew I had to get a magaling na mananahi.  Thank God for my Subject Head in ICA, I met Ate Diana in her little home turned tahian.  I brought her the pictures of the wedding gown and the pretty dresses we wanted for the entourage.  She was able to execute it perfectly  (moms, MOH, secondary sponsors, flower girls).  For those who want a Divisoria rate but a very professional outcome, message me, and I will bring you to her! 

       Make-up – CHALK – This was the last thing we booked. First, I do not like putting on make-ups (no make-up during pre-nup for me), second trial make-ups are expensive and trial make-ups on wedding expos mean long lines.  With this scenario and having had 3 trial make-ups, I decided to get a friend who always does my make-up.  However, weeks before the wedding, his schedule got tighter and we both knew I had to get another.  I mentioned this confusion to my coordinator so she suggested a make-up artist she works with.  No trial, no meet-ups, I said “yes”…Although I can say trials are still important, but let me say, I and my entourage won BIG TIME with Chalk and his assistant! 

      Photographer - CATILO PHOTOGRAPHY- I have not met Bryan yet, but I was already sure of who to get as photographers.  Yes, ganyan ako ka-believe sa kanila.  When we were finalizing our suppliers, one of our rules is to NOT get people whom we are friends with.  We made an exemption for the Catilos here (I have known Sheila and her fam since high school) because I believe in what they can deliver pre, during and post photoshoot.  And man, I was not wrong. GALING!  What we like about them is that they did not ask us to pose.  We just have to be ourselves, and voila – awesome shots!! As what as I have been bragging about, our pictures our very candid, natural and us.  They were able to capture our moments and the every story behind it.   Just google Catilo Photography and you will never get lost.. :)

       Rings - SUAREZ - Bryan was so sure of this from the very beginning.  Suarez have been in the industry for years and the older generation can attest of their quality and value.  Actually, he also got be Suarez when he proposed.  I did not question Bry about this.   I did not know anything about jewelry din naman eh!haha

      Wedding Cupcakes – DAVID’S CUPCAKES – Ian is a full time mom, baker and art teacher.  Perfect combination di’ba? Since we wanted very simple cupcakes, we thought that it should be the tastiest and cheap.  Kasi db? Simple na nga tapos hindi pa masarap? Good thing, we had a chance to sample Ian’s cupcakes twice.  We attended a debut and a wedding and we were pleased on how they were delivered, presented and TASTED.  Yum, indeed! – Even our guests loved it.  Check out her yummy cupcakes! click now!

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