Thailand day 3 - (still) at Bangkok

We felt like “non-sense” for the past two days so we decided to have a field trip on our third day.  For teachers who love culture, traveling and facts, this would be a definite fun tour for us.   After filling our bellies with breakfast we both rode a Tuktuk and headed to John Thompson House Museum and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. 

Sure we learned a lot of things today but our educational trip did not end here because we were faced with the question on why Philippines is never like Thailand when it comes to tourism.  Pinas’ value of money, weather, environment, places to see is just similar with Thailand, but why is it that we cannot see a lot of blondes and blacks in our country? Why oh why?

To stop ourselves from being too intellectual on our 3rd day abroad, we chose to go back to the hotel mid afternoon and retire early for the next day we would mark the halfway of our romantic escapade.  This I loathe and love.  Halfways of beautiful things are like half bitten tiny chocolate bars – you have tasted its goodness and one more bite would be its end.

Our Bangkok experience was thrilling, palate fulfilling and fun. They said that the best way to know a person is to travel with them, and indeed I got to know Bryan more in this trip.  We have discovered each others’ packing styles, sleeping habits, and patience when waiting.  I will never see Bangkok the same again.  It was indeed sweeter and grander because my hand has a hand to clasp it with.

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