Thailand day 4 - Bangkok to Phuket

We woke up early and wore our beach get ups for we are bound to PHUKET!  We arrived at the airport a bit early so we had coffee first.  Upon checking-in, we realized that we are the only Asian tourists bound to this beautiful paradise.  We were surrounded with golden headed individuals who are NOT Americans but were actually Europeans. We felt blessed (and uberly sosyal hahaha) to be in this herd of travelers. 

As the pilot announced our near touch down, I peeped through the window and saw how bluish green the water was.  I got too excited that I clasped Bryan’s hand and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.  He could not help but teasingly smile me for I was like a kid ready to jump in the pool.  Who would not be enthusiastic? My last beach trip was September 2010!! This long gap of no beach trips has not happened in the past 10 years!

As we walked down the plane, I can already taste the saltiness of the wind.  The other tourists lined up for the cab while we were taken aback to have been offered a free ride to Renaissance hotel where we will be staying for the next 3 nights (including Christmas eve).  O diba?  Ang mga French, Russians at English, nagkakandarapa sa taxi, while we were escorted to our car - thank you Lord for this surprise and favor!! 

Upon arrival at the hotel we were treated VIP all the way.  I have visited the hotel online, but my oh my, it is more posh and captivating in real life.  We stayed on the 3rd floor overlooking the path heading to the beach.  By mid afternoon, we just lounged at the poolside and when it was almost sunset, we watched the sea dance.  The sound of the splashing water on the shore is music to our ears.  We too played “it” with the waves as it gets bigger and stronger. 
As we gazed up, the stars seemed far and brighter.  The wind is warm and the aura of the hotel made a perfect company to us, honeymooners. 

Our first day in this wonderful gift is a testament of God’s goodness to us.  It was a beautiful outcome of waiting.  As he placed his arm around my shoulder and my arm around his waist, we went back to our room still in awe of His kindness.  Truly, there was a blessing and kakaibang kilig in waiting.

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