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**Last September 2012, I decided to join the Council meeting of my home church, Camella Bible Centered Fellowship and ask for their blessing to transfer to another church.  Then, on the last week of November of the same year, I shared my testimony and said thank you and “goodbye” to the congregation of BCF.

Below is the letter I read to the leaders of the council.

PS.  They all gave me their blessing.

Good evening everyone.  This is my first time to meet up with the church leaders in a formal meeting so I decided to write everything so as not to forget and or be led with emotions as I say what I came here for.  So, please allow me to read this for you po.

As you all know, I am with Bryan and are now wedding planning.  Since we both grew up in church, we both know how a church can help in the life of a Christian.  I, alone, is a testimony to this.  I started going to Sunday school at 7.  There I met teachers, Mommies, Daddies and friends whom I looked up to and friends up until now.  My confidence was built up in this church too as I joined Kid’s praise, Cantatas and Kid’s choir.  As I grew up, my High school and college life was easier because of cell groups, Tita Gerlyn and my friends who are all struggling to be good teenagers. Sabay sabay kaming lumaki and I am glad we have a church we can go to if we need a home or a safe place.  Praise God for BCF.

Our church did not stop helping me because I know this church prayed for me several times.  You were there for me when I had troubles with my parents, growing up and school.  When I passed my board exam.  When I decided to do things on my way, this church and the people in it did not turn their backs on me but instead loved me and accepted my decisions.  Kahit po mali ako, at maraming beses po yun, never po ako natakot sa church magkwento because I know at the end of the day, I will be loved, prayed for and be comforted.  And for that, I will be forever thankful. 

Now that I am with someone and we are trying to practice togetherness in our relationship, one of the things we both know we need to make a decision to is what church to go to.  Kung si Bryan po ang masusunod, sa Baptist church po kami.  Kung ako naman po, dito po kami sa BCF.  With this 50-50 choices, we have decided to choose a church that we are both okay with.    Si Bryan po ay Fundamental Baptist.  I am not.  Bryan is more comfortable with hymnals and I am more comfortable with praise and worship.  Sanay po si Bryan sa serious and solemn type of service and sanay naman po ako ng relaxed na may halong kakwentuhan pa sa tabi.  Ok po ako sa 8 am service.  Si Bryan po ay naaagahan dito.  Bryan is ok with formal dressing up sa church while ako naman po ay naka formal lang pag anniversary.  Though we are both Christians since our childhood, our church and worship traditions and culture are not the same.  So with this, we decided to go to a church where we are both comfortable with. 

I am here, in front of you to first thank you for all the help, teachings, love, prayers and support.  I consider you as my family.  The closest friends, Titas, and Titos are from this church.  From the bottom of my heart, maraming maraming thank you po.  Another thing I came here for po is to ask for your blessing.  I want to ask for your blessing to allow me to worship God every Sunday in another place.  Please remember that it is only my attendance every Sunday that will falter.  But my love, concern, support and help with this church will not. 

I decided to really seek for your blessing because I feel like I am child moving out of her parents’ house.  It is my prayer that my relationship with the church will not be affected by this change in my life.  Wag din po kayo magalit kay Bryan because he is undergoing this change too J.  Iiwanan nya din po ang simbahan nya.  Titas and Titos, I am not very happy with this decision but I know this is God’s will for us -- to be in a place where we can worship God together comfortably.  Please pray that God will provide this church for us.  We are not yet sure if this church will be in San Andres (where we plan to reside) or here in Alabang.  If you will give me this blessing, I will “officially” transfer by December of this year (after we get married). Kung wala po ako dito sa church, that means po we are church hopping.  Looking for the church that God wants us to be in. 

This is really difficult but again, thank you po and I hope you will give me your blessing as I journey with Bryan in marriage and spiritual adjustments.

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