Tatlumpu at Dalawa - my bday blog

When I hit my thirties, my life drastically and wonderfully changed.  I got engaged at 30, got married at 31 and now, an expectant mom at 32.  With all these adjustments in roles and lifestyle, I know that at the end of the day, I still need to be me. I must not lose myself to be the best for our little family.  

That is why, for sanity purposes,  I have decided to accomplish 20 simple things before June 15, 2014.  Just like any other lists, these are not in order.

1.  Finish the book "Project Happiness"
2.  Read  Brown's "Angels and Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code"(yep, have not flipped these books)
3.  Bake
4.  Buy shoes just because I want
5.  Visit a museum
6.  Travel with Bry and the baby to a place we haven't been to
7. Try a new dish
8.  (continue) blogging
9.  Go out on a date and come home early dawn
10.  Watch a play or a musicale, or an orchestra
11.  Stare at Bryan and our child as they sleep
12.  Drive far
13.  Stay on the shore and get a tan
14.  Look worthy and pretty to tuck-in a fitted white shirt
15.  Teach and or conduct training
16.  Host an event
17.  Sip coffee with long time no see friends
18.  Eat cheese and drink wine
19.  Sleep long on afternoons
20.  Devour a big bag of Cheetos and glasses of Coke


let me hear you!