R and R Resort and Spa

For our first wedding anniversary we went to R and R Resort and Spa. We chose this place because we wanted a quick get away that won't be too far  from Risen since he would be left to his lola. Second, I miss the water and our backs have been recently aching so we thought that hot springs would be perfect . Lastly, Bry and I needed a place that would be quiet, relaxing ( to both our body and pockets) and private.
After a whole day stay, we liked the idea of: 

1. Ample parking

2. Green everywhere

3. Huge room (we had a villa for 2)

4. Quick and good service, reasonable and tasty food, and kind staff

5. Very affordable rates

However, we think the resort needs to improve on the:

1. Pool temperature and cleanliness
     Since it was not peak season, the pool water was not hot. I think the water has been there for a day or 2.  It was not even clean when we went. We had to ask them to start cleaning so we can swim.  So we just stayed on the clean part which was near the fountain. Good thing the water was warm, nainitan ang aming lower backs.

2. Its facilities
    R and R has been in the business for 22 years already so I think that some needs renovation, particularly in their villas. Halata na kasing luma  na talaga.

All in all, I would give the resort a 3 out if 5 stars simply because of our standards. Wait, don't judge.  Let me clarify. I think we have both reached the point that vacation places needs to be flawless since we make time and pay for it. It was a cheap stay but we thought that if we have added a few hundreds to our budget, we could have checked in instead to a boutique hotel.  Will we go back to R and R? Maybe not. 

However, if your budget is really tight and you want a quiet and green resort in the middle of the crowded Pansol, R and R could be perfect for you.

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