13 SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE TO CALL IT QUITS (boyfriend/girlfriend edition)

1.  You started with a lie.  Either you lied to the people around you or to each other.

2.  You do not have the intention of marrying the person you are with.  

3.  The people around you are all questioning your togetherness.  Your family, your closest friends, and sometimes, even yourself.

4.  You hide what you have.  

5.  Your relationship is a never ending struggle of "we need to fix this".

6.  When people ask how your relationship is, you start crying.

7.  Your mother tells you she or he is not right for you.

8.  When you weigh if you should break-up with him or her.  You should not be thinking of this in the first place.

9.  You do not glow.  Ang pangit mo na.

10.  You stopped talking about the good times with him or her.  You always talk about the problems you have instead.

11.  In the midst of your quarrel, he or she also stops being kind.

12.  When the only reason you have is because you love him.  Love my dear is NOT enough.

13.  When you know you just have to.  Trust me, alam mo yan!

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