M&S: Matt and Sarah's Wedding

My high school and school bus friend got married yesterday!! This was not only special because I knew Matt since I was 14 but also coz Sarah, his wife by now, became my friend when they got together. In our "circle", we are all married na! Meaning, no one will get left behind when we start talking about SPG stories!! haha I hosted the event together with Krystal, my emcee partner in ICA for 5 years --- na miss ko to!!! So happy pa that I got to fix myself, wear heels and be on a date with my hawt husband!

Since I was an emcee nga, our calltime was at 1pm. This was a bonus coz I had a chance to peep in the venue. Here take a peek too.


Love love love the details and the one million origamis! Yes, exagg but ang dami kasi talaga nila ;)

One thing that I look forward in weddings are the marches of the groom and bride. Matt and Sarah's walks were opposites. In the mid of his march, Matt raised his two hands and shouted "wuhoo", while Sarah was quiet. And according to Bry, who was one of the hawi boys ng curtain , ang lalim daw ng hinga ni Sarah.... ;)

My next fave part! The vows...I managed to type some excerpt. Here it goes.

MATT: He has favored and bless me with you...then he sang a few lines from ikaw.. clap to Matt na ndi nasintunado!!! 

sarah: ...God's plan is good and that plan includes you. Thank you for being all that you are. I commit to love you unconditionally and submit to your headship

Yehey for personally written vows :)

The wedding of Matt and Sarah is the smallest I have attended to. They have 65 guests, and you know what? It was lovely:) Twas so intimate that we had the chance to have a group pic -- all the 65 of us!

After the ceremony, the programme was filled with songs and dances. Sarah's dad  and Sarah danced slow then goofed to a cha-cha song c/o eat bulaga/rizza mae. Speeches were made next. I love Drew's speech to his brother! He was like "....akala ko saging lang ang may puso, si kuya pala may puso din" hahahaha 

Haaaay!! Matt and Sarah, congrats again. Welcome to the blissfull and crazy wagon of marriage! Dinner soonest :)

musta first night? lol

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