12 TIPS (na naging 21 kasi ang dami pala) FOR A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE:

 Welcome to College!  The world of many possibilities, circumstances and relationships. I hope that the list below will enlighten you. This is coming from used-to-be college instructor and an older sister to a college freshman.

1.  KEEP RIGHT - Oh please! When using the stairs, walking along the hallways and entering the door, be sure to keep right! At wag din makipagharutan while walking, ok?! Irita.com ito!!!

2.  SHOW A PLEASANT FACE - Smile (and maybe greet anyone) whoever meets your eyes. Who knows? He could be SOMEONE e.g Registrar, teacher, school president, librarian. Sad to say, a lot of people from big schools do not give second chances. If they find you annoying, you will forever be.

3. LOVE THE MANONG GUARDS,  MANANG CANTEEN AND ATE TAGA LINIS - These people are your must haves in universties. Make friends with them. Be sure to do this sincerely.

4.  ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN AN ORGANIZATION - Develop your leadership and servanthood skills (mahirap mag maganda sa classroom, matatawag ka na epal, sa organization pwede ka magpakabibo) . Meet older students. Learn outside the classroom. Attend meetings. Be responsible to something. 

5. SIT IN FRONT - Not all teachers can memorize their students names. Make sure to be positively familiar to your professors. Iba ang pakiramdam ng kilala ng Professor. You get to relax a little.

6.  CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS - You do not need a barkada in the beginning of the school month. Observe first. Choose them wisely. The personality, character and hobbies of your friends can affect you, your upbringing and your college life. Ingat! BAD COMPANY CORRUPTS GOOD CHARACTER.

7. YOSI, BEER, BF/GF, SEX and FRAT - In college, these would appear common. It would seem everyone is doing it except for you. Most of these are tried in college. Your barkada will probably do it. WAG NG SIMULAN!! Stay away from it.

8.  BE PUNCTUAL - college is a preparation to the workforce.  If you develop the attitude of being late in attending class, late in submitting papers, late in going to mtgs or seminars, most likely, you will bring this all your life. Go to school early. Masarap maging maaga sa classroom.  Ang hirap nung pawis na pawis at hinihingal kang aakyat ng bldg. Toxic yun! 

9.  READ - Read homeworks before you pass them. Do not just google, copy, paste, print and pass. Susko, when I was a teacher, merong magpapasa ng may hyperlink pa! Gggggrrrrr!!!!
Read bulletin board announcements, maki tsismis sa school newspaper, feed your mind with novels. Instead na tumulala ka sa bus, READ! 

10.  SAY "EXCUSE ME", "THANK YOU", AND "SORRY"- This is not only for your teachers but also for your classmates, schoolmates and ates and kuyas in the university 

11.  DO NOT MEET UP WITH A PROFESSOR/GO TO THE FACULTY ROOM ALONE - For safety reasons, always have a buddy. Do not visit teachers alone. If they insist, go to the Dean.

12.  HAVE A TRUSTED PERSON - Find a "nanay" in the campus. You could always find a mentor. This could be your old professor, organization adviser, guidance counselor. When problems happen, go to them.  

 13.  HAVE SPARE COINS - You need this for photocopy, photocopy and photocopy 

14. HIDE MONEY, GADGETS, CELLPHONE - Maraming magnanakaw sa classroom, school at bus. Another thing, when using earphones, make sure not to insert plugs in both ears. Baka masasagasaan ka na, hindi mo pa alam! 

15.  BRING YOUR ID - If you forget, admit it. Don't you dare borrow from classmates. 

16. HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH AND VALUES - You will enjoy college more if you do the right things. Clean fun and jologs adventures are better than the ones that would ruin you. 

17. FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES- why are you in  the school? To STUDY - Opportunities will come in different directions. Do not spread yourself to thin. What you do now will land on your resume. Get good grades because this will be your armor when you get a job.  Again... Why are you in school? Para mag-aral diba? This could be the last 4 years of your academic life. Make the most of it. 

18.  LEARN ON YOUR OWN -  Do not expect your teacher to tell you everything.  College ka na. When you do not know, ask and read.

19.  DO NOT BE ABSENT - Hindi na uso excuse letter. Be responsible of what you will miss. Goodbye special exams, quizzes and projects. 

20.  FOCUS ON YOUR LONG TERM GOALS -  Avoid "trying things" unless you see yourself doing it for a long time.  Do not join a club just to see how it feels like.  Join and be committed to things that you see yourself doing even after college.  Sayang ang time and effort to things that won't really help you at the end.  I mean, why will you join the Taekwondo Team if you really want to swim?  And oh, you don't have to do what your barkada is doing.  In college, it is okay/normal to have your own mind.

21.  SHINE FOR GOD- Let your light shine before God. Follow rules. Do not lie. Do not cut classes just because. Do your best. Be a testimomy.

All in all, college is a jungle. Be with the crowd who will not feed you to the lions. 
At the end of the day, these people will not help you pass your subjects, assist you to get a degree, mentor you to land a job and make you succesful. It will be you.  Have fun you guys! :)