What did I do while waiting for God's best?

In my Mid -twenties, I already wanted to have a boyfriend.  There was a longing (and pressure) already.  Medyo naiinip na ko.  
So at 25, I did not wait anymore.  I hurried love.  I dove into an empty pool with closed eyes and tied hands and feet.

Do not do what I did.

Do not trade your life with temporary pleasures and love that you know from the very beginning is not from God. Do not exchange good for best.  Do not ARGUE.  Do not defend that he or she is kind, attends church, willing to "change religion soon", etc.  Hay naku promise, it is not worth it!!

I learned it the hard way and the spanking God gave me was hard - really hard.  Too hard that I found myself on the floor, literally asking for my life back.

Still waiting? Then just wait.  That is easier compared to being with someone who is not from God.

If I could just whack some of the girls I know who decided to follow their heart and not God.... I will, but I cannot.  So let me just say it, straight to the point.

Wag ng ipilit. Do not trade God's perfect timing to your temporary happiness.  Marriage won't be blissful if you marry a man who is not from God.  Sayang ang paghihintay kung sa maling tao ka din mapupunta.

So again, chill lang.  Hurrying love is like telling God you do not trust His timing and provision.

Do not trade a buffet with a bowl of soup.

Of course this story was before I met Bryan.  My husband was one of God's blessings when I completely yielded to God's will... :) 

**inspired by Pastor Tan-Chi

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