Mr. Peter Lee's Hongkong Tea House (and on How Chowking and Henlin have been Fooling Me)

Every time we would pass by the Malate area, Bryan my love would always tell me about Mr. Peter Lee's Hongkong Tea House.  He has overly mentioned that this is one of the fave restaurants of his lola and their Patatim is worth a try.  However, since I get sleepy even with a little amount of msg, I have never really become so interested with Chinese food.  

On the other hand, last week was different.  I gave in to his suggestion because I have been craving for dimsum.  Upon entering the old restaurant, I already knew it was authentic.  I heard a few Mandarin speaking customers and saw menus in foreign looking alphabets with English translation.  I eagerly and hurriedly ordered siomai and chicken feet.  Bryan had Beef Kamto (I said no to Patatim because of diet preference) and a small bowl of rice.  

My first bite of siomai and chicken feet was a wonderful discovery.  I was like, ito pala lasa dapat?! Oh how Chowking and Henlin fooled me! Hahaha These two may be the most common Chinese food, but my!  Eating them at Mr. Peter Lee's Hongkong Tea House was like eating them at the first time.  Even Bry who is not so fund of chicken feet, enjoyed it.

So if you are craving for some real Chinese food, and China Town is just too crowded for you, visit Mr. Peter Lee's Hongkong Tea House soon.  I can’t wait to go back and try their Pancit, Mami and Siopao (maybe Patatim too).

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