I have always been a lover of retreats.  It is an instant get-away, a time to learn/re-learn and a season to not watch the clock.  Last February 19-20, Bryan and I had a chance to be with our CCF Muntinlupa family for a couples retreat.  And, as expected, we had a wonderful wonderful time.

To begin, I am thankful that we had a chance to be "away" for 2 days. Though it was a bit difficult to leave Risen (I am sure most parents would agree), we still decided to go because our son would surely benefit from this retreat.  As what we have always believed, happier parents make happier kids.

Second, this gave us the chance to bond with other couples of CCF Muntinlupa.  Ever since Bryan had finished the bar exams we have longed for a church that we can serve and call home.  We yearned for friendship we can develop, families we can know and Risen can grow with - and finally, we can say that CCF Muntinlupa is the answer to our prayers.  PRAISE GOD! WE HAVE A CHURCH!!

Third, this gave us the opportunity to hear from God on what He wants from us and from our marriage.  We have learned much from the topics that were shared and from the stories talked about by other couples. I will be more specific on my learnings on my next blog.  I have also asked Bryan to share his reflections, so watch our for that as well!

All in all, I can say that I fell in love with retreats, Bryan and God all the more! I hope you can join us next year!

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  1. Like you, my wife and I were also very blessed when we attended the CCF couples retreat. We hope to sponsor couples for the next event.

    You can see our experience here: 6 Must-Do's for a Lasting and Enjoyable Marriage


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