To All the Early 20s who will be "Dateless" and "Lonely" Tomorrow

I too had my my own share of alone moments during Valentines day.  I remember being sad and questionable on why my life is such a misery (yes, ganun ka OA with matching tears pa yun). 

Mas na feel ko pa yung pagiging sad when I was given flowers by my students with the underlying statement, "Ms. Mico, wala kang date?  kami na lang date mo".   Then, there was a time when my sister Kai who was grade 2 that year  blatantly asked me (I was 24 years old ata ) if I was already a matandang dalaga. HAY!! 

Nakakainis pa yung feeling that most of your friends have dates or at least someone has a crush on them, tapos ikaw wala!! Aaaayyyy ang sakit naman talaga sa heart! Then everyone is asking you pa kung "saan ang date mo?", then if you tell them na "wala", and reply nila ay "bakit?"...Ang sarap mang batok, diba? 

So, if you are single and you feel alone, WELCOME TO THE CLUB!! YOU ARE NORMAL!!. It happens, my dear.  On the other hand, it will pass.  Feb 14 is just a day.  Yung iba, may ka date nga, but they are not truly happy (bitter na kung bitter, totoo naman kaya!).  So, maybe you can buy yourself a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream (pwede din both) and do a movie marathon.  Or pwede din, matulog ka na lang.  Or go out with people who are happily date-less too.  Or, feel the sadness.  It is okay to be lonely.  It is okay mag mukmok.  It is okay to cry.

But again, it will pass.  And just like me, you will wake up one day not remembering what it feels to be lonely.  Dadating yan, promise.  You do not even have to wait for it. Hugs to YOU!!!


let me hear you!