Watch out, Mommies!

No stay-at-home mother can claim that she is the best mom just because she is with her child 24/7.  Though I have been only a mother for almost 19 months now, I have seen the “dangers” of being a mom who is always at home.  I think a stay-at-home mother is more prone to be a negligent mom.

Why?  Here are my reasons:

     Because she has nothing else to do. No matter how old the child is, rearing a son or daughter can be draining most  of the time especially if this is your “only responsibility”.  It can be exhausting, boring, demanding and difficult in a lot of areas.  A full time mom may have the tendency to be fed up and extremely impatient with his kids.

      Because she feels unfulfilled.  Some mothers who suddenly gave up their awesome careers to be a stay-home-mom may sense dullness with her new “job”.  Being in the four corners of the house is not a glamorous job.  If you are a new mom, you’d probably smell like sour milk, walk around without any brassier (because you are breastfeeding), bathe fast and totally lose control of your routine.  There is a big leaning to miss your career life and hope that things could easily go back to “normal”.  With this, she may miss the joy of being a mother because she misses a lot of other things.

      Because she thinks she is “always” with her kids. We have a helper at home who also assists me with my son.  I think this is a good idea but I always try to see to it that I am still hands on to Risen.  When you have extra help, it is very easy to delegate and do something else.  This is still a usual struggle for me.  So what I do is set specific times wherein I am in-charge.  Like the feeding, bathing, reading, putting to sleep and others. When I work online, I also see to it I can see him with our house help.

    Being a full time mother is probably the one of the wisest decision I have made but that does not make me a hero.  I may be 24-7 physically present but I can still be emotionally away from my child.  Impatience, boredom, stress, and tiredness might eat me up.  So the key here is balance.  Do something on the side.  Do little things that make you alive.  Go out once in a while.  Exchange stories with other mothers.  Breathe.    Lastly, make sure you are giddy and joyful with your kids.  At the end of the day they do not want a mom-zilla.  So, mommies just like me, watch out!!

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