BAR EXAMS 2014: 5 Things I Have Re-learned

1. I love Bryan - I felt his pain (actually parang mas affected ako).  A lot of married couples have been telling us that there will come a time that what your husband's passion will also become yours. That his pains and joys will be yours too. Ito na ata yun. It is really possible to feel your spouse in a very different level. I guess I have just experienced empathy.

2. Bitterness is a part of "moving-on" - As I continue to digest the result, let me come clean by saying that I have asked the question "Bakit sila pumasa? Bakit si Bryan, hindi?" in my mind for a hundred of times.  To think that Bryan has never failed a subject, He graduated top 3 of his class, he studied for over a year, he wanted to work as a lawyer for a low paying NGO, plussss we prayed really hard. So bakit nga ba hindi? (insert tears here).  However, just like a friend from church named Ate Lorena, let us not wallow on this but still focus on God's sovereignity.

3. I badly miss my childfood friends - When I got the news, all the landline numbers of my friends flashed back.  I wanted to call each one of them and say, "punta kayo dito sa bahay, bili kayo Coke at Pancit Canton, papa press-con ako". However, the fare from Canada, Australia and the US seem to be a bit expensive so I guess I have to settle with this person named Maan who will come home very soon. I guess that in bad times, you remember your true friends and the people who knows you the most, and since they are really your bestest of friends, you do not mind bugging or disturbing them - this has already been a part of the sacred deal.

4. I should not see people based on their title or profession.  Enough said.

5. Trials are really essential to strengthen relationships- To date, this is probably the "unang dagok" we have ever faced as a couple.  Facing problems as a couple is both difficult and easy.  Hard because, who wants issues to face? and "easy" because you have each other (and God of course). However, it was a good experience to encourage one another.  Ang weird that if I feel like crying, Bryan would try to uplift me by saying that "it's okay I failed.  I am okay with it", then pag sya naman yung down, I would hug and tell him that he could take the Bar exams again.  Haaay!


  1. Awww we feel you but of course not as strongly.. Hay, someday we will know why. Or maybe we won't. Either way, God is still God and He knows best!


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