Meet Jihan. My College Friend Who Survived Cancer.

I hate Cancer.  I have seen my closest friends cry over their mom's death because of this disease.  When Jihan told me she cancer, I honestly thought I would lose her too.  However, God turned things round and made her Cancer free! Praise God.  Let me share to you this amazingly, beautiful story!!

Jihan is the girl in yellow daster and rollers

How did you find out you had Cancer?
I was experiencing shortness of breathe and I felt lumps on my throath area so I decided to have a consult.  I was working at TELUS when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The Pulmunologist from Makati Med (I forgot his name) told me that the findings says that I have cancer so he referred me to an oncologist in the same hospital.

Jihan is the girl in yellow (yes, yellow again)

How did you deal with the treatment? hospitalization? cancer?
At first I had to do natural healing for about 6 mos. However, the supplements were so expensive that we can't handle the expenses anymore so I had no choice but to undergo Chemotherapy. We opted to have procedures in PGH because it is a lot less expensive compared to other hospitals. And besides we can ask assistance from PCSO and Senators for the laboratory and treatment expenses.

I prayed really hard that I may be able to accept chemotherapy and radiation as my option to be healed. I heard and read a lot of feedback that Chemo targets not only the cancer cells but even the good cells. I was scared to undergo those treatments. That's why I remember begging God to heal me as early as possible with just the natural way in order for me not to experience chemotherapy and radiation, because I was so scared! But I drew strength from Jesus as I read the scriptures how scared Jesus was when He was praying at the Garden of Gethsemane that resulted Him to cry and sweat in blood, but He told God the Father, to let His will be done. And finally, I was able to say it to Him, let His will be done in my life. I told Him that I will embrace Chemotherapy and Radiation as His way of healing me. It takes a lot of prayers from family and friends and myself, a lot of inner healing retreats before I was finally able to say, Lord, let your will be done. I learned to enjoy each step of the way. I enjoyed being in the hospital. It was tough but I enjoyed the place, the fellow patients presence, the life inside the hospital. I just accepted everything. That was how I dealt with it. I dealt with cancer by accepting the fact that I had it and knowing that with God's grace my body will defeat it.

What part of Cancer was the most painful?
The blood extractions were painful because I was kinda bloated so they were having hard time to hit the veins. The blood transfusion was hard too. During my first chemo, they had to transfuse blood because my CBC count was not normal anymore, I am not sure if it was the hemoglobin or the platelet that was low.

There was one chemo drug that, that was painful every time it enters my veins but it was tolerable. One of the hardest part was the grogginess and the tipsiness that I felt after chemo sessions and of course the vomiting episodes...classic un...hahahah...I want to thank our kasambahay, back then,  Nerissa for being on my side that time to help me fall asleep even I was vomiting the whole day and night...hehehe

Did you think you would die during that time?
Of course, it came across my mind that I might die especially during the time that I was rushed to the hospital because I can't breathe. It was Holy Wednesday 0f 2011 when I was rushed to the hospital. That was the time, somehow, even just a bit (compared to Jesus' experience) I felt and experienced the sufferings and pains that Jesus experienced, the one that we usually remember during Holy Week. 

How did you stay cheerful and hopeful?
I stayed cheerful because that has been me. I mean that's my personality. I am cheerful in nature. I always see funny stuff in every perspective even in a very pathetic situation (as others may perceive). I stayed hopeful because I believe GOD LOVES ME. AND I USED THAT LOVE AS MY WEAPON TO BE STRONG AND HOPEFUL. That was the only thing I held in my hand, in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul. 

How did you know you are cancer free?
The CT Scan result in 2013 said that I don't have tumor anymore.

3 things that changed in you:

  • The way I express, understand, and feel LOVE
  • I now always pray not just for myself but I now pray for others especially for the sick. 
  • I now have more FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE in me. Because I EXPERIENCED GOD! 
What is your advocacy? Organizations that you support?

  • I now organize outreach programs for cancer patients at UP-PGH Cancer Institutesometimes at C.H.I.L.D Haus
  • volunteer catechist
  • church worker in our parish
  • I guess my greatest advocacy is to spread to everyone that God is alive and HE hears our prayers and HE will give, in His time, everything that we ask for.

As of today, she is happily engaged with Albert Magno and works as an Instructor in Southville International School.  She also helps out with their family owned school in Cavite.


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