When God Tells You to Wait While Waiting

Don't you find it frustrating when God tells you to continue wait while waiting?  I do.

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In the world where most of the things are instant, I easily become impatient.  This is true with the small and big things in my life. In many occurances, I want things settled or known in 5 minutes.

However, every time I reach the peak of my edginess, I am reminded on how God made many things in my life beautiful in His time. -- And during these seasons, I have seen on why the Lord asked me to not be in a hurry.  For a number of times, I have heard myself say "Aaahhhh, kaya pala ngayon lang binigay! :)"

As I type this blog entry, me and my husband are waiting for two things we have been praying for since we started our relationship.  We have to admit that we constantly look at the clock with the question "When, Lord? When?".  Good thing, the series preaching in CCF Muntinlupa on the book of Exodus, helps us to wait.  Let me share to you a few thoughts that was published in the Chronicle (weekly bulletin of CCF Muntinlupa).  This was from the talk of Pastor Roy Fabella.  I hope that this would also encourage you to wait while waiting.

God Hears
God hears everything, even those things that are mouths cannot speak.  We must always remember that we can call out to God foe help, whatever is happening in our lives.

God Remembers
Our God delivers his promise

God Sees
He watches over us and takes care of us

God Knows
He understands how you feel, the questions that go into your mind, 
and the battles that rages in you.

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