Do you remember the time you had to wait for a long line to end? Then amidst of all the heat, sweaty people, chaos and hunger you suddenly become so thankful because you have a good book in your bag or bumped into a long lost friend? This is the time you find yourself saying "haaay! buti na lang andito ka!!!"

Bryan and I are in the season of waiting.  And, as many would know, it is not easy to wait especially when you already did your best, put out resources and prayed hard.

On the other hand, I am just more than happy that I am waiting with Bryan.  He is like a good book in this long queue of waiting. Though we have been watching the clock lately, we are all good. I am blessed to have a man who does not base his decisions on luck, or on "bahala na", or on pera pera (meaning, maraming pera dito, so dito tayo), or on feelings or on any other attractions given by the world.  My husband is not perfect and will never be but I am overwhelmed because He tries His very best to obey God and the Bible in every decision he /we have to make.

Having a wonderful husband and an awesome God does not make life "problem free", however, it could give you a sense of peace and direction.

We still struggle and sin.  We still become impatient when asked to wait.  Our marriage life is at times messy, however, amidst all this I am beyond thankful because my leader is Bryan whose leader is God.  It may a long line ahead, but really, I won't mind - I have him and we have Jesus.

So single ladies (sorry I did not expect to give an unsolicited advice at the end hehe), pray for a man that can make you stress free and still pretty when you have to wait on long lines.  Problems will come in your marriage and it would be a fine day when you know your husband is or will not be an additional trouble. Pray hard and believe in God's best!


  1. True! We are blessed to have godly husbands..

  2. so true vivs. can't imagine having a leader whose boss is himself!!


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