We are back in the ministy!  Individually, I serve in the Sunday School and Bryan writes for the Chronicle (CCF Muntinlupa Newsletter) and as a couple we help the Singles Ministry. We can say that it feels sooooo good (and right) to be a part of God's vineyard once again.

Bryan and I both grew up in the church.  Every time we talk about our "younger days", we both mention the same key words such as Sunday school, DVBS, choir, outreach, community work, camps, retreats, kid's praise, fund raising and others.  So, when we have more or less "settled our little family", we prayed then volunteered ourselves to help.

We are more than glad to be in the ministry again because aside from the privilege of serving our church and God, this is also a big opportunity to help ourselves, our marriage and Risen.  We are excited for Risen to grow-up in a church and develop lifelong friendship with the other kids (just like what Bryan and I did).  We are also anticipating that as we help the singles and young professionals , this will make our relationship and bond stronger (research says that when a couple pursues a common goal, their relationship is likely to be healthier), and lastly we can't help to learn from our ministry heads and from the people we serve. We know that at the end of the day God will use the time we spend in the church to mold us to be better and more responsible partners, parents and Christians.  This will be a wonderful ride!!!

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