The Practical Ways of Staying in Shape

I may not be in the perfect shape, but I think I have done a great job coz I still buy clothes in medium sizes!! Woohoo!!.  Though I have my genes (both Ruiz and Dimanlig have medium built) to thank, I say I still do my part.  If I do not watch my body, there is a very big possibilty that I would not be able to maintain my desired size. Want some help? Here!

1.  Do not buy a bigger size of clothes.  Stay on your size.  Make it fit!

2. You can eat what you want for breakfast.  If you are tempted to eat a lot during late lunch or dinner , freeze it then eat it in the morning! 

3.  Make people accountable.  Annouce that you are on a diet.

4.  If you are in-charge of the grocery shopping, buy healthy food.

5.  Have a cheat day.  It is okay to eat.  But remember, it should only be a cheat day, not a sheat week!!

6.  If possible, arrange dates or eat outs during lunch.  This will still give you time to burn what you munched.

7.  Exercise at least 10 minutes a day.  I know most of you would want to lose weight without sweating but this is kind of impossible especially when you have reached your 30s.  So come on, just do jumping jacks, planks, and sit-ups.

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