Three "Ordinary" Things That Your Toddler Does Not Really Need

1.  Sounding Toothbrush - This cute sounding toothbrush is a possible source of fight during wash time.  Since it creates sounds, the tendency is for the toddler to get and play with it.  There goes the wrestling match during bath time between mommy and baby!

2.  Puzzle Mats - Puzzle mats are important!  You can place it in your play areas, rooms and any other places where your toddlers stay.  However, the puzzle mats that contain letters and shapes take time to tidy!  Mommies would usually take time to match the mats with the letters and this is not good during busy days (actually, even on normal days).  So if you want a pack and play kind of mat, choose the biggest sizes without that does not contain letters to match.  I suggest you pick the mat right below.

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3.  Toys that are not for their age - This one does not really work.  If the toy is for 5 years old and above, a 2 year old will not be able to maximize its usage.  Aside from it may contain small parts that are dangerous to kids, it is not just worth it.  I have seen moms who pushed the idea that their child is "mature" enough to handle the toy.  Unluckily, I have seen the same mothers regret getting the inappropriate toys for their kids.  Let us take it from them and not commit the same mistakes.

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