By God's grace, our marriage is still fun po.

It may not be perfect but it is still awesome.  Though your "reminder" was a little off (especially that you mentioned it a week after our wedding), it made me very mindful to make each day count.

To make sure that arguments end with forgiveness.  That miscommunication end with clarification. That we still make each other a priority though we have Risen.  That we put God in every decision we make.

Your "reminder" also made me realize that making marriage fun all through life is a bit challenging but it is doable.  Good thing, we are not alone. The creator of marriage also wants our relationship to not just work. God wants also to be romantic, fun, beautiful and inspiring.

We have only been married for two and a half years so we know that the next years are really unknown. Marami pa po kaming kakaining bigas.  However, we have seen and met couples who have been married for the longest time but are still very excited about each other and their marriage.  They are our inspiration.  We have God and we have these inseparable couples to look up to.  

So just in case you would ask po, yes, I would love to marry the crazy man I am with again and again and again.  


After dropping a few people off after a wedding,  I found myself alone inside the car (bry had to go somewhere). This reminded me of the times I went home sad and alone after attending someone's marriage celebration. For many "alone drives" plus the senti music on the stereo, I have always asked God "when?", "Will I ever get married?" "Will my someone come?"

Obviously, God did not answer my question. He did not even stop my tears. 

So to you who have been always just a guest to that someone getting married, hang in there! It is normal to ask God "when" and it is also normal for God to br silent about it. Just hang in there, okay? 


Risen was overwhelmed with Rafa's (cousin from the Bagasin side) 4th bday party!  
He went sooo giddy when he saw the balloons!

I and Bryan naman got to thrilled when we saw the food carts! I went straight to the fishball stand and Bryan went (and returned a COUPLE OF TIMES, hehe buking!!) to the pastry and chocolate spread!

We were further entertained by the Photobooth (El Libramilio), games, and magic show.

It was a good day to be with family! Thanks again for the invite Rafa!! Playdate soon! :)


There was a certain pull from Rhiza's posts  on Pursuit Manila.  Maybe it was because the awesome pictures taken, or because the little pretty details (from the name tags to souvenirs), or the topics about God and womanhood, or maybe the faces that seemed so familiar and interesting. I really don't know.

fan moment with Abby Asistio

Thanks to Erika, my high school friend, I was able to attend (we were both first timers) the fourth gathering of Pursuit Manila Community.  We were welcomed with personalized loot bags and friendly looks by other ladies present.   I and Erika also saw friends from high school which made the place warmer.

Sherry of Catilo Photography and Rhizza founder of Pursuit Manila are both my friends since HS (ISCF days)

Ladies of Pursuit Manila

We stayed in the lovely corner of Heima Brixton and enjoyed the wonderful spread of sandwiches and pastries prepared by the staff.

Stef, my HS classmate/friend

The topic shared on this day was said through music.  Julianne Taroja sang her songs (which are now available online) to share how God moved in her life -- on how He turned her life from Ashes to Beauty (I will blog about this really sooooon!).

For now, let me just say good work to the team of Pursuit Manila.  Up until now, I still do not know what is with Pursuit Manila but  I am so happy I came and 
I look forward to attend the next gatherings!!

If you want to know more about Pursuit Manila, you may read this or message me and I will try to connect you with the Pursuit Manila staff.

ROLLER COASTER APRIL: From Family Celebrations to Unending Buffet Meals to Receiving Bry's Bar Exam Grades!!

I have not had the time to write for the month of April.  I was so busy eating!!!

Tita Noemi, Mommy's sister from the US surprised the Bagasin clan as she crashed Tito Abe's retirement and birthday party.

 The feasting did not end here!  This was just the beginning of the endless meet-ups, dinner, lunch. brunch, etc with the Bagasin family members.  As I am homebased (meaning I can work while watching Risen enjoy Tito Sammy's pool) and Bryan had a pretty much flexi schedule, we were able to spend time not only with Tita Noemi but also with Mommy who filed for a two week leave.

We did not think twice of making the effort to drive,  bring Risen and stay for the night (or nightssss) to be with family.  I think, this is one of the wise decisions to always do - BE WITH FAMILY.  This is not only healthy for a restless feet like me but also for Risen.  I am glad he was able to play, run around and get to know his cousins.  Though he does not fully remember them by name, it is good to see that when Risen sees them, he recognizes them already! He instantly hugs and plays with them.

The Bagasins are not really from my side of family (Bryan's Mom is a Bagasin) so I basically have two choices, to treat them family or to let them be "Bry's family".  With these, I choose number 1 - I want make a conscious effort to see and love them as family.  I am grateful because this is not hard to do.  They have always been warm, friendly and really nice.  I may not know each one of them but I am more that glad because I am comfortable to be with them -- to call them family.  Such a wonderful feeling!

Oh yes, this month, Bryan also got his Bar Exam Grades.  His grade was 72.45.  The passing was 73. Soooo close!! haha So he is like my Atty. na kinulang ng 0.5! hahaha


I don't think I will be a happy, thankful and productive mom without my husband.  He makes mothering easier not only because he helps me with Risen but because he knows how to love me.  He has been very supportive since I carried Risen in my tummy.  Each and every day, up until now he never failed to amaze me with the little and big things that he does for our little family.  So, to my husband and the father of Risen,  this mother's day, I want to thank you...

Thank you for providing for our needs, 
with this I enjoy going to the grocery
Thank you for making me coffee in the morning, 
this makes my day already right
Thank you for not being shy to buy boxes of milk and diapers 
even when you have to take the jeepney

Thank you for putting Risen to sleep
with this I do not have to think of this when I teach at night
Thank you for always choosing to always go home right away
Thank you for allowing me to still spend time alone, 
with my friends and just with you
Thank you for saying "yes" to my long afternoon naps 
Thank you for the dates, long talks and hugs
Thank you for loving Risen will all your heart

Thank you, thank you love for making me a "good" mother!

PS.  And as if it still do not show in this blog, let me say it,
I love you!!


For the past weeks, every time I wake up I always tell myself that... "today, I would be the best wife and mother everrrrr".  With this in mind, I think of the perfect breakfast and make a mental list of the things I have to accomplish. However,  by mid-morning, things start to swell up with the situations I can't control (I get impatient, students cancel or book impromptu lessons, Risen longs for extra attention, etc). By lunch time, I am already a cranky mother who is so excited to feed, bathe and put Risen in his bed - I have already forgotten that "today, I would be the best wife and mother everrrrr".

Good thing, God pointed me to another thing I have forgotten - my morning devotions.  I read the Bible but I usually do it when things have calm down (mostly in the afternoon).  I realized that what I need to do is to spend my time with the Lord first so I can happily work on the task ahead of me.

Maybe this is why Mama is one of the best wives and mothers I know.  Since high school, I have always  always seen her Daily Bread and used up Bible on top of our dining table.  At times, when I wake up earlier than expected, I see her praying on the same spot.  Yes, my mom is very prayerful and she chooses to hear from God first before her world gets crazy.

My days have been messy for the past few weeks but I am glad that tomorrow I can be the best wife and mother by honoring my time with God first.  It would be difficult to wake up earlier but I know God (and me too) has been missing our morning sessions.  May I be able to always remember that Jesus also did this while He was on earth.  May He become my inspiration to make my early mornings right.

Before daybreak the next morning, 
Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray. 
Mark 1:35