For the past weeks, every time I wake up I always tell myself that... "today, I would be the best wife and mother everrrrr".  With this in mind, I think of the perfect breakfast and make a mental list of the things I have to accomplish. However,  by mid-morning, things start to swell up with the situations I can't control (I get impatient, students cancel or book impromptu lessons, Risen longs for extra attention, etc). By lunch time, I am already a cranky mother who is so excited to feed, bathe and put Risen in his bed - I have already forgotten that "today, I would be the best wife and mother everrrrr".

Good thing, God pointed me to another thing I have forgotten - my morning devotions.  I read the Bible but I usually do it when things have calm down (mostly in the afternoon).  I realized that what I need to do is to spend my time with the Lord first so I can happily work on the task ahead of me.

Maybe this is why Mama is one of the best wives and mothers I know.  Since high school, I have always  always seen her Daily Bread and used up Bible on top of our dining table.  At times, when I wake up earlier than expected, I see her praying on the same spot.  Yes, my mom is very prayerful and she chooses to hear from God first before her world gets crazy.

My days have been messy for the past few weeks but I am glad that tomorrow I can be the best wife and mother by honoring my time with God first.  It would be difficult to wake up earlier but I know God (and me too) has been missing our morning sessions.  May I be able to always remember that Jesus also did this while He was on earth.  May He become my inspiration to make my early mornings right.

Before daybreak the next morning, 
Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray. 
Mark 1:35

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