There was a certain pull from Rhiza's posts  on Pursuit Manila.  Maybe it was because the awesome pictures taken, or because the little pretty details (from the name tags to souvenirs), or the topics about God and womanhood, or maybe the faces that seemed so familiar and interesting. I really don't know.

fan moment with Abby Asistio

Thanks to Erika, my high school friend, I was able to attend (we were both first timers) the fourth gathering of Pursuit Manila Community.  We were welcomed with personalized loot bags and friendly looks by other ladies present.   I and Erika also saw friends from high school which made the place warmer.

Sherry of Catilo Photography and Rhizza founder of Pursuit Manila are both my friends since HS (ISCF days)

Ladies of Pursuit Manila

We stayed in the lovely corner of Heima Brixton and enjoyed the wonderful spread of sandwiches and pastries prepared by the staff.

Stef, my HS classmate/friend

The topic shared on this day was said through music.  Julianne Taroja sang her songs (which are now available online) to share how God moved in her life -- on how He turned her life from Ashes to Beauty (I will blog about this really sooooon!).

For now, let me just say good work to the team of Pursuit Manila.  Up until now, I still do not know what is with Pursuit Manila but  I am so happy I came and 
I look forward to attend the next gatherings!!

If you want to know more about Pursuit Manila, you may read this or message me and I will try to connect you with the Pursuit Manila staff.

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