I don't think I will be a happy, thankful and productive mom without my husband.  He makes mothering easier not only because he helps me with Risen but because he knows how to love me.  He has been very supportive since I carried Risen in my tummy.  Each and every day, up until now he never failed to amaze me with the little and big things that he does for our little family.  So, to my husband and the father of Risen,  this mother's day, I want to thank you...

Thank you for providing for our needs, 
with this I enjoy going to the grocery
Thank you for making me coffee in the morning, 
this makes my day already right
Thank you for not being shy to buy boxes of milk and diapers 
even when you have to take the jeepney

Thank you for putting Risen to sleep
with this I do not have to think of this when I teach at night
Thank you for always choosing to always go home right away
Thank you for allowing me to still spend time alone, 
with my friends and just with you
Thank you for saying "yes" to my long afternoon naps 
Thank you for the dates, long talks and hugs
Thank you for loving Risen will all your heart

Thank you, thank you love for making me a "good" mother!

PS.  And as if it still do not show in this blog, let me say it,
I love you!!

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