1.  It does not have to be forever.  A child can always go back to normal school.

2.  It is not only for celebrities.

3.  Homeschooling makes kids learn on their own style.

4.  One of the big targets of homeschooling is values education.

5.  The kids may be ready for homeschooling but the parents may be not.

6.  Most parents homeschool their kids because they believe that this is the best time to influence, teach and guide them.

7.  Homeschooled kids have social life!  They have intentional playdates, group homeschooling, etc.

8.  Kids who study at home can travel often, dig dipper on the topics they are very much interested with, and ask as many questions.

9.  Homeschooling may not be necessarily cheap.

10.  One parent has to sacrifice work (one income that is) to supervise his son's progress.

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