I was in the same team with Bryan in our recent team building because he had to drive a van to Batangas for the first time.   We were so thankful to Tita Ann (one of our facilitators) did this. However, since I am a driver too, it was not too easy to stop myself from coaching Bryan.

When we fetched the van from CCF Alabang, I started nagging Bryan about his driving style. It became too much that he had to ask me to stop pressuring him and just be supportive.  I had to literally bite my tongue as we parked in CCF Muntinlupa to get our passengers.  The team building has not started yet, but I already learned something.

In many times, Bryan does not need my lecture but my support.

As we went along, I had to do several tasks with Bryan and with team Heroes.  Let me enumerate the things we did:

1.  Prepare a team banner

2.  Buy and cook lunch at Sto. Tomas Market, Batangas (clues were given as we locate one place to the next)

3.  Make a clay pot from one of the pot stores along San Juan, Batangas

4.  Build a boat made up of Balikbayan box and cross a part of the ocean at La Luz Resort

5.  Find the letters J-E-S-U-S and stock it up (directtion to come from team members)

I realized it is both easy and hard to be in the same team with Bryan.  My husband is not difficult to be with but I became a little confused with my "role".  In the middle of every team huddle I was like...."Am I a wife to Bryan or are we "equal" here?"  "Am I suppose to support my husband all throughout the day or am I allowed to step up and take a responsibility?" 

Yep, I may look really busy in our tasks but in my every move, I think of Bryan.  I would even guard my comments, actions and suggestions because I do not want to bring "shame" to him!!  I was really conscious all the time.  Was this good?  I think so!  Why? Because no matter what responsibility I get, I am a wife first (after to being a Christian of course).  Therefore, I should consider him in everything I do! Yes, even in teambuildings!!

In this blog entry, I have said that we have decided to serve in the Singles Ministry together.  We have not yet felt the "pressure" of doing the Lord's work hand by hand but the team building reminded me that there would be tough times.  On the other hand, since Bryan has been more or less become my best buddy, working with him has been easy breezy.  He has become my accountability partner, prayer partner, critic, encourager and number 1 fan (except in singing hehe). 

It's definitely a pleasure to be able to work hand in hand with my husband.  I am excited on how God will use this to mold him, me and us.  I am sure we are not only made for each other but we are also made for God's work.  Now, I would not mind being in the same group with Bry.  Not only that I learn more things about him, but I also discover who I am with him.

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