I have learned how to respect the LGBT community back in college. My four year stay in the Philippine Normal Univesity made me witness how these group of people shone as student leaders, organization presidents, class wizards and talented individuals.

the people in this photo may not be a part of the LGBT community
My connection with them did not stop when I graduated.  Up until now, I have very good friends who are gays and lesbians.  I guess, from respect, I have also learned to gladly love and treasure them.  I have heard their stories, both beautiful and painful, and I can say that their wanting to be "accepted" is real and deep.  They are just like you and me who also want to be "liked" by the people around them.  Their longing to be with someone is also genuine.  It is not because of lust nor of just being in a relationship.  Just like us, at the end of the day, they want to be able to call someone their own.  

However, I also believe that no marriage or person can make someone complete.  Maybe for some (both homosexual and straight) they think that tying the knot with someone is like a trophe that they can wave proudly.  Maybe even, for some, they feel that the "cure" to being lonely and unloved is marriage, which is by the way really really wrong.

So what do I want to say?

In my journey, I have seen, learned and fully embraced that the only way to feel accepted is through Jesus Christ.  In Him, we would not feel that we "need" to be legally with someone just to be happy. With Jesus, we would see weddings and love life as bonuses and not as the "main object". Truly, with God, we are complete.

My desire for every unmarried person (both in and out of the LGBT community) is to see that marriage should not be taken like a pill. It is not like a medicine that could make us feel better.  It is not like a magic wand that can give instant results.  It will not guarantee happiness, acceptance and forever.

So what is my stand?

Discover the author of marriage first.  Know God and His wonderful plans for you.  Move towards it. Then as you do, I am sure He would lead you to what is best for you - and yes, this may include marriage! :)


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