One day Bryan just told me he wanted to see a Cardiologist because he feels something uncomfortable in his chest (part where the heart is).  I did not ponder on it up until his doctor told us that she is a little upset with his ECG and Treadmill results.

It was suggested by the same doctor for Bry to undergo Doputamine Stress Examination.  In this test,  a medicine will be injected to make his heart beat faster.  Then while the heart rate is fast, a 2D echo will be administered.

 I started crying buckets of tears because I fear for husband's life.  It may be OA but at 33 and only being married for nearly 3 years, it should just be visits to the OB and not a Cardiologist.  I was like, "heart problems agad? Hindi ba pwedeng toothache muna?!".

We prayed hard and long.  We also asked the people very close to us.  For the first time in my life, I did not talk about it to my friends.  I just mentioned it to very few people because sharing it to others would make me feel that it was really happening.  I did not like the idea of saying "my husband has a heart condition" -- mentioning it was just really heartbreaking.

While waiting for the schedule of his Doputamine test, we agreed to consult another Cardiologist from Makati Med that I know personally.  However, as we were having breakfast, Bryan felt a little discomfort again that we decided to head to the ER of Makati Med.  I drove and I dropped my husband to the ER.  

Bryan was a little anxious while being surrounded by doctors.  Blood tests, X-ray, ECG were done to him and his vital signs were also monitored.  At this time, I knew in my heart he will be fine but seeing us like this was sad.  

After 2-3 hours the ER doctor cleared Bryan (with negative result on his tests -  PRAISE GOD!) and we were advised to go home and visit a Cardio specialist right after.

taken after the ER Doctor tells us he is fine

We went up to the third floor to visit Dra. Pastores (a former parent at ICA, a school where I taught).  She double checked the results and agreed with the ER Doctor.  However, she told us to still do Stress Treadmill Test (not the Doputamine anymore) this time with 2D Echo just to completely rule out our doubts.  

All in all, we are thankful for the experience because it made us check our eating habits.  Now, we do not eat Pork and Beef at home.  We agreed to just consume meat when we are outsise the house. So we are like vegetarians at home which we are really enjoying by the way.  

To add, we are so grateful for the healthcards.  God indeed provides!  It would be challenging to shell out a big amount of cash for tests and consultations with such a short notice.  Buti na lang we have healthcards talaga!!

We were scared but we felt God's assurance of help and healing.  He also used people to bless and comfort us. To all those who prayed, especially to CCF Muntinlupa, thank you!  You are truly  God sent!  



  1. Hello. May I ask kung ano po diagnosis sa kanya? Bkt po sunakit chest nya? Same po ksi naexperience ko.

  2. Hello. May I ask kung ano po diagnosis sa kanya? Bkt po sunakit chest nya? Same po ksi naexperience ko.


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