When Bryan told me he would drive from his house to CCP parking lot just to see me before I watch a play with my cousin Dei, I knew in my heart I found a love.  Fine, it was not "love" agad, but the thought that there was this (gwapo) guy who would want to see me for no reason at all is something that the butterflies in my tummy won't deny.  I have actually forgotten what the play was all about, but I still vividly remember the pawis on my nose (because of kaba) and how I slept with a smile on my face that night.  The world seemed magical that moment (actually, the magic lasted for about a week or so).

Adamson grad 2009 (i think)

studying together
 What a joy is it to find  "new love".  So refreshing to find a different face among the crowd.  At that time, there was no "sana maging kami" or "sana sya na" or "sana ligawan nya ko" or even "sana sya na God's will ko".  I knew it will be a beautiful story so I just had to wait for it to unfold.  There was no pressure or waiting or pushing or asking.

Adamson Christmas party 2009
church outing
That meet up led to other dates. Those instances were solid good times.  Aside that he was always on time, I knew that our date would be nice and light but with sincerity, direction and intent.  It was Good vibes...always.
Enchanted Kingdom 2010

Rizal's house

Rizal's house

Now that we are married, the best part of my day is when he comes home or when I see him walking towards me when I have to pick him up or meet him in the grocery.  It is like, HE IS HERE, BRYAN IS HEREEEEE!!! --with fireworks that makes you go "wwwoooowww"!!

Every time I see him I knew in my heart and mind I found love.  Seeing his face amongst a sea of people is always an answered prayer. It always makes my heart flutter.

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