It was on August 9, 2013 when I was told by my OB (Dra. Leomi Olivarez) that I have to give birth in a week's time because Risen (we were uncertain of the gender but sure of the name)is already big for my small frame.  She also said that if I do not labor in the coming days, she would be forced to cut be up because it is a bit impossible for my tiny structure to deliver normally.  Hence, I decided to continue working at Fluor and visit the malls in Alabang after my shift.

It was a Tuesday around 10pm, when I started feeling strong and persistent contractions.  I started timing the intervals and realized that I am having them every 20-25 minutes.  I woke up Bryan and told him that about my condition. We waited a little more then we decided to call my parents to pick us up and bring us to the hospital (we were staying at Studio 1 that time).

We arrived at Muntinlupa Doctors Hospital at around 2am.  I was checked by the OB residents and they concluded that I am on my "way to give birth" (2cm).  They called Dra. Olivarez and she ordered that I stay in the hospital for monitoring.  After praying for me, Risen and Bryan, Papa and Mama decided to go home first.  I stayed in the Emergency room for more or less 30 minutes while Bryan arranges a private room.

At around 3:00am, I found myself in the labor room.  I was alone with a few residents coming in and out.  Since I was the only patient, I was frequently asked, monitored and advised to get some rest.  There was an IV inserted on my left hand and a baby heart monitor was placed on my tummy.  At that time, there was a minimal pain already.  I did not mind this and even decided to catch some snooze.  However, a Resident would come by and visit to do IE. This was painful and waaaaay awkward but tolerable.

I stayed calm up until they broke my water bag at around 1pm.  I was like "okay, I feel the pain..."  It was "manageable".  The kind of pain that will make your eyes close and your hands clasped.  This was still okay.  Kaya pa.  However, after an hour, maybe this was around 2pm, the pain went up to another level.  It was like Dysmenorrhea times 100!!!

I was in terrible pain for more or less 3 hours.  I remember squeezing an Intern's hands named Jericho (I will never ever forget his name).  I might have broken his carpals! Grabe naman kasi talaga sa sakit.  It was like I felt like I was gonna pass out.  I kept on shouting in the labor room.  I asked for the doctors just to do a C-section coz I can't handle the pain anymore but they told me I was "almost there".  At around 4:00pm, my vision is already black.  I have not eaten since 2am, I was in terrible pain since 2pm. I have been awake for 12 hours straight!!  My gulay, so this is LABOR!!!!

At around 4pm, between my shouts of despair, I was begging the doctors to bring me to the delivery room.  For the first time in my life, I have experienced the meaning of HINDI KO NA KAYA.  At around 4:45, they brought me to the delivery room.  I was so tired I would fall asleep between my "push".  I was not able to give my best in my push because I was already dead tired.  They had to do fundal push (a heavy weight nurse puts his arm with his full weight on my belly to help Risen out).

After 30 minutes, Risen finally saw the world!!  My doctors told me I had a boy (we did not know his gender).  The last thing I heard was "sige Mico, matulog ka na"

There I finally gave birth!!


When  my OB finally went out to talk to Bryan about my delivery, the first thing she mentioned was "ang ingay ng asawa mo" instead of telling Risen's gender!  hehehe

Plussss, Byran knew who exactly who our baby was in the nursery.  Lukso ng dugo must be true! :)

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