When I got married, moved to Manila and had Risen, I realized one thing, it was a little hard to catch up with friends.  In many times, I would miss people.  I sometimes long to be surrounded by my friends to just talk, talk and talk.  FB does not make any justice.  I NEED TO SEE MY FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE!! As many of you would know, stay at home moms need A LOT of social life! I am not shouting, just making a point ;)

That's why, I am just so thankful for my Discipleship Group from CCF Muntinlupa - they are my sanity group!   They allow me to tell all, laugh and pray about my (and our) experiences, ask, see the beauty in things I thought were ugly, cry and just really be myself.  At the end of my lovely and crazy life as a woman, wife and mom, it feels good to have a group of people where you can confess and not be judged.  My D-group is just always so ready with pieces of advice, prayers and food to share! - always! :)

Aside that my D-group are my instant friends, I also can't deny that they inspire me to be closer to God.  In many times, they check-up on me.  Their lives and words encourage me to honor, follow and submit to God.  They make me see that marriage and family life should not be all private.  Stories with them are always welcome, kept in secret and ended up with prayers.

It is wonderful to be surrounded with friends who checks-up on you and your relationship with family and God.  If you want a support group as well, you can send me a message and I will connect you to one.

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